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    17 Candles Themed For Each Space In Your Home

    Welcome to my home, where everything's on fire, but in a good way.

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    1. A Grandma's Kitchen candle for your actual kitchen, so it will have the buttery, sweet vanilla smell of baked goods wafting through it instead of the pizza rolls you keep forgetting to take out of the oven.

    2. A Kindling candle with notes of cedar and smoke, so you can have all the luxury of a cozy fireplace with none of the trouble of poking at a piece of burning wood all night. This candle just happens to pair perfectly with the Netflix marathon of your choice.

    3. A New Home candle for the main entryway, so everyone who enters your threshold will be treated to notes of fresh linen and lime and marvel at how clean y'all are even if you haven't actually given the place a good scrubbing in weeks.

    4. A lavender-scented candle for your bedroom that will help designate it as your "sleep space" by wafting a calming scent through the room that will linger long after you blow the candle out.

    5. A ~Love~ candle for a shared bedroom, because as romantic as it would be to spread roses over the bedspread every night, lighting a candle that smells like them is far more efficient (and won't have you waking up with petals in your sweatpants the next morning).

    6. A PyroPet candle that burns down to a creepy metal exoskeleton for your personal bathroom, the one place nobody's ever going to judge your secretly goth soul.

    7. An elegant floral press candle for the guest room that will tie all the miscellaneous decor together and make your parents think you've become sophisticated as heck when they come to stay.

    8. Plus a sweet little macaron candle in a soothing scent for your guest bathroom, because nothing says casual elegance quite something designed to look like a French dessert.

    9. A pet odor-eliminating candle to neutralize the lingering smells in your basement, which as we all know is a synonym for "dog's pee palace."

    10. A honeycomb statement candle you can use as a centerpiece in the dining room, with a warm honey-layered scent that will make everyone feel so cozy and at ease it'll make your takeout seem like legit home cooking.

    11. An understated linen and tobacco flower candle for the laundry or utility room that will blend right in and give the space a fresh feel even when the dirty clothes in a hamper are looking less like a pile and more like a mountain.

    12. A prosecco rose candle for a rec room, so when you dim the lights down for movie night you don't have to wait for someone to pop a bottle to get that sweet bubbly smell sparkling up the air.

    13. A library candle for your home office or work from home setup, partially because the scent of library books and deep woods will inspire you get cracking, but also because of the age-old question WWHGD (What Would Hermione Granger Do?).

    14. A set of mini terrarium candles for your hallway, so even when they aren't lit you'll feel like you've stumbled into a teensy greenhouse as you walk from room to room.

    15. A smoke odor–eliminating candle for the garage that will make it smell like Juicy Fruit gum instead of that time your cigar-loving grandpa came to stay.

    16. A decorative outdoor candle with citronella that repels insects for your back porch, because yes, nature is lovely, but sometimes it'd be lovelier if it just ... stayed ... a little bit further over there.

    17. And last but not least, a pastel crying unicorn candle for your childhood bedroom that got converted into a workout room/home office/pottery-making studio the second you walked out the door.

    You lighting all of these candles and floating into sweet-smelling, candlelit bliss:

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