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    11 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Winter Feel Less Awful

    We can do this.

    Hey, that frosty hell of darkness we call winter in Canada is here!

    A lot of people get down about the seemingly never-ending winter.

    1. Get outside.

    2. Quit talking about how awful it is.

    3. Simulate sun.

    4. Live the cozy life.

    5. Learn to love winter clothes.

    You cannot wear Louboutins, or any other heel for that matter, in 20 centimetres of snow. Accept this. But know that you can still look cool by having fun with winter clothing: Think oversized knit sweaters, knee-high socks, and plaid scarves. Feeling good about what you're wearing, instead of frustrated, never hurts.

    6. Don't be a loner.

    7. If you have to stay inside, make the most of it.

    8. Get some greenery.

    9. Eat stuff that will actually make you feel good.

    10. Surround yourself with animals.

    11. Plan a getaway.

    A week-long getaway to the warm sun of the Caribbean (see: cheap flights) is a great way to break up the winter months. But if that's not an option, even just planning a short ski trip or weekend of camping in the summer can help take your mind off the dreary weather and give you something to look forward to.