Someone In The Canadian Government Is Making Homophobic Wikipedia Edits About UFC

    The edits are about UFC president Dana White and fighter Tito Ortiz.

    A Canadian public servant appears to have been using their computer to accuse a famous fighter of "sucking dick on the side" and to call the UFC president "a homosexual."

    On Tuesday, someone using an IP (internet protocol) address registered to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development vandalized the Wikipedia page for UFC president Dana White.

    In a section about a feud between White and UFC fighter Tito Ortiz, the Wikipedia editor added:

    Shortly after, White supposedly "banged Ortiz's wifey while yelling 'TAKE THIS WACKA DICK"

    The Foreign Affairs editor also added this about the UFC fighter: "While sucking dick on the side, Ortiz now decided it was time to pop the lollipop out his mouth and cash in that mofuckin' moolah."

    The editor then replaced "White has openly expressed that he is an atheist" with "White has openly expressed that he is a homosexual."

    Dana White Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Shared Services Canada

    Another Wikipedia user quickly reverted the changes, flagging them as vandalism.

    The IP address, which is likely shared by multiple computers and devices at the department, has been cited about 10 times by fellow editors for vandalism.

    The public service's electronic usage rules prohibit, among other things, usage that could harm others or that reflects poorly on the federal government.

    Global Affairs Canada told BuzzFeed Canada it "takes these allegations very seriously" and is "looking into this incident."

    "Any such action would be contrary to the network acceptable use ‎policy that is expected to be followed by all of our employees," spokesperson Austin Jean said in an email Tuesday night.

    "We will take steps to determine the facts and will take all necessary measures to address an incident of this nature."

    Wikipedia vandalism from Canadian public servants is nothing new.

    In September, BuzzFeed Canada reported on someone who had used a National Defence computer to vandalize a page about Syrian refugees. In April, someone at Correctional Service Canada called presidential candidate Donald Trump "transgender" and "homosexual" on Wikipedia.

    In 2014, Military Police launched an investigation after someone at National Defence made "offensive" Wikipedia edits about the late Rehtaeh Parsons.