Creative and fun-loving Australian. Loves to explore the new and rediscover the past. The world is my oyster and I want to experience as much as I can!
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  • My Life In Waiting

    I’m moving to America next August after I graduate with a Communications degree from The University of Queensland. Tonight I started searching for jobs that I aspire to land. I’m obsessed with Pinterest and spend a lot of time searching and exploring the site. I found an incredible job and an amazing opportunity that I want more than anything. Its not just because its in New York- don’t get me wrong I love New York and the 5 days I spent there 2 years ago was amazing and unforgettable. I really want the job because I know I can offer so much to BuzzFeed. I have over 5k followers on Pinterest and I know what they want to see. I understand the trends and I cannot get enough of sockbuns, mason jar gift ideas, grumpy cat memes and more. I won’t graduate from UQ until July next year, but I really hope that a job like this one will be on offer next year. Im still going to apply. Im determined and I want to achieve greatness.

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