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    16 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Auckland

    Take a trip and stay a while.

    1. Take a walk along one of the prettiest coastlines in the world.

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    New Zealand is known for its natural beauty, and Te Henga Walkway is the perfect place to see it at its finest. This walk is a one-way track, which covers eight kilometres of gorgeous terrain.

    2. Play ball, watch a movie, and eat until your heart's content in the city's Silo Park.

    Whether you’re there to lounge on a bean bag, get your feet wet in the fountain, gaze at the yachts in the harbour, or visit a food truck, this waterfront space is pretty much a must-visit.

    3. Go play on the gigantic sand dunes of Bethells Beach.

    For an even prettier experience, head there for a sunset sand slide.

    4. Have an adventure in the trees.

    With ten different high wire courses, this adventure park on the outskirts of the city is a great place to take on that fear of heights you've been harbouring since school camp.

    5. Take a ferry to Waiheke, rent a bike, and spend the day exploring.

    Flickr: arielophelia

    Take the 45-minute ferry trip from Auckland, then spend your day eating ice cream in the artsy town of Oneroa, swimming at one of the local beaches, and admiring the seashells with a picnic. If you're into wine, make sure you visit at least one of the 15 vineyards located on the island.

    6. Take a bush walk past Auckland's historic Chelsea Sugar Refinery.

    The short loop trail starts at the Chelsea Estate Heritage Park and takes you past the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Take your time and stop to visit the ducks that live by the famous pink building.

    7. Pay a visit to one of the local markets.

    Immerse yourself in the island culture at the Otara Flea Market or hit up the French-inspired La Cigale markets in Parnell for something sweet.

    8. Stop by the Garden of Eden before getting the perfect city view.

    Without leaving the city, you can enjoy the Mount Eden summit, which is actually the peak of the highest volcano in Auckland. From the top you'll get a 360-degree view of the city, and a whole lot of fresh air. The award-winning Eden Garden is located on the side of the mountain. After paying an $8 admission fee you can enjoy a range of native plants, flowers, and a very glorious waterfall.

    9. Order a fancy AF ice cream from Giapo.


    Homemade and damn delicious, each flavour at Giapo is decked out with an assortment of delicious additions, including cornflakes, pumpkin seeds, cookies, and edible flowers.

    10. Visit the most artistic farm ever and feel really, really small.

    Flickr: andym5855

    The Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park is free to visit, and is home to some super cool stuff, including this giant horn by UK artist Anish Kapoor.

    11. Visit Hunua Falls for a picnic.

    Instagram: @venessa.audrey / Via

    There are a number of walks through the park that's home to the beautiful Huana Falls. Ranging from 3.1km to 8.3km, see how active you're feeling on the day, and be sure to pack something tasty to enjoy at one of the waterfall lookouts.

    12. Spend an afternoon at the Maungauika historic reserve.

    Explore the hidden tunnels, massive rocks, and now-defunct cannon, absorbing the beauty that is the Hauraki Gulf. After a walk to the Maungaika volcano that's known as North Head, enjoy a fishing break on the eastern-side of the reserve.

    13. Head to Mokoroa Falls when you're done with the city.

    Instagram: @optimuschris4 / Via

    Located 45km from Auckland's centre, a 1.5km one way track leads to this incredible waterfall.

    14. See both sides of the north island as you fall from 15,000 feet.


    Skydive Auckland can provide you with an afternoon activity that'll leave you marveling at the beauty of the world for months.

    15. Go bird-watching at Muriwai.

    Instagram: @imichelleeng / Via

    Gannets build their nests only a few centimetres apart from each other, and on Muriwai beach, there are approximately 1,200 nests spread out over two islands. It's a sight you've got to see.

    16. Experience Maori culture with a visit to the amazing Orakei Marae.

    Instagram: @dietrichsoakai / Via

    Just a short drive from the bustling Mission Bay is Orakei Marae, which is properly pronounced as "Aw-rah-keh-ee Mah-rah-ee". Rich in cultural history and knowledge, the tangata whenua are always welcoming and host a large range of events throughout the year, including Kite Day and various musical events.

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