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23 Times Lea Michele Was The Ultimate Master Of Sass

That face. That hair. That sass. Ms. Lea Michele is incredibly talented, and equally filled with the sass. While many of these are her character on Glee, acting will only get you so far... this is real. This. Is. Sass.

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1. Look at that hand.

2. Those eyes.

3. She is a true queen.

4. That air kiss is flawless.

5. She knows that one hair flip is not enough.

6. That eyebrow lift.

7. And that eye contact.

8. Her confidence... Her sass.

9. How does she do it?

10. Those dance moves.

11. She pumps it up like no other.

12. She makes the duck face look incredible.

13. She works that subtle head shake.

14. The sass queen knows how to wear shades.

15. She throws some serious shade.

16. She's so sassy she can pull off semi hair flips.

17. This is natural talent.

18. There she is. Just perfecting her already perfect self.

19. She is pure gold.

20. Wait. She has something to say.

21. Oh no. She just needed your attention. With good reason.

22. Oh that sass.

23. Oh don't worry. It all makes sense.

She's flawless. She's incredible. No wonder we're all in love.

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