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    11 Ways New Hampshire Is Awesomely Weirder Than Your State

    Based on the following facts (and years of residency), we can attest that there's just no way this place actually exists.

    1. Live Free Or Die

    New Hampshire's state motto is without a doubt one of the most well known of the fifty states, and for good reason. It represents the American spirit and stems from a dying revolutionary soldier from the Granite state. Also because it's the most aggressive motto for anything ever. What other state has a Bruce Willis movie title referencing its motto. None.

    2. Vermin Supreme

    Most people often talk of their state's go on about their cuckoo politicians. New Hampshire takes the cake. While other state's politicians are having affairs and commiting fraud, ours are trying to pass mandatory teeth brushing legislature and zombie-based energy plans. Our star political figure is Vermin Supreme of the Free Pony party who ran in the 2008 NH Republican Primary.

    3. Dixville Notch

    While it is common knowledge that New Hampshire starts the election season, Dixville Notch is even more eager. At Midnight on election day, polls open in Dixville Notch at midnight and proceed to close one minute later. The total population of Dixville Notch is 12 and is not even considered a town, but referred to as an unincorporated village. It is also named DIXVILLE NOTCH.

    4. Binx the Goat

    On January 20th, 2010, New Hampshire lost one of the greats. Binx the Goat. Despite having no redeemable qualities than being a goat, In his life, Binx managed to rub hooves with countless politicians on the campaign trail, remaining his humble self the whole time. Obituaries for Binx ran on the front page of several New Hampshire publications. Several. But don't you worry, there's a new goat.

    5. Old Man of the Mountain

    For hundreds of years, the rock formation resembling an older gentleman's profie on the side of a mountain in northern New Hampshire was the symbol of the state. But then in 2003, the face collapsed. But that doesn't matter to New Hampshire. The formation is still everywhere, including the state's quarter. Because why move on when you have a collapsed rock formation.

    6. Clark's Trading Post

    New Hampshire is the ideal tourist destination: beautiful mountains, peaceful lakes, the lack of sales tax. But why stop there? Clark's Trading Post is billed as a family entertainment and theme park, but is actually a small town including a trained bear show run by a Russian family and the Wolfman: a bearded, shirtless man who chases the locomotive ride in a beat up truck with a shotgun firing at the tourists. ""Family entertainment.""

    7. Franklin Pierce

    Thus far, New Hampshire can claim one president as their own. Franklin Pierce, who is consistently ranked as both the hottest and worst President in America's history. Sure, he was shunned by his own party and lost almost every supporter by the end of his single term, but just look at the face.

    8. Driving

    While most states require youngsters to take thorough tests to obtain their drivier's permit, NH is not about that life. New Hampshire citizens can begin driving motor vehicles at the age of 15 1/2. Without a permit. Despite this, each year New Hampshire is ranked as one of the states with the fewest motor vehicle deaths.

    9. It's Is Also A Lover's Paradise

    Nothing says romance like the lack of seatbelt laws.

    10. Mount Washington

    Mount Washington, located in Coos County, holds the record for the highest wind speed at ground level. The summit's winds are said to be three times as strong as most hurricanes. All of this aside, it is still a common activity to drive up the mountain and stick that "This Car Climbed Mt. washington" bumper sticker proudly on the back of your prius.

    11. History

    New Hampshire also holds some of American history's greatest moments, such as: first potato planted in the United States, the only state that ever played host at the formal conclusion of a foreign war, and the invention of the alarm clock. HISTORY.

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