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27 Essential Items You Need If You're Really A French Film Heroine

For your upcoming role in a Jean Luc Godard picture.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This Jules et Jim poster.

Get it from Bag Apart for £9.45.

2. This velvet hair bow.

For men to look at as you walk mysteriously away. Get it from My Just Peachy Shop for £5.42.

3. This floaty dress.

Get it from Sundays Label for £52.43.

4. These cat eye sunglasses.

To put on as you wait, expressionless, at a deserted train station. Get them from River Island for £7.

5. This tea dress.

The only thing to wear as you run whimsically through a field. Get it from Nobody's Child for £25.

6. This Anna Karina turntable slip mat.

To play your smoky jazz records on. Get it from SrySraSmithee for £17.92.

7. This beautiful bikini.

So you can swim away after you crash your car off a pier into the nearest river. Get it from Boohoo for £18.

8. This New York Herald Tribune t-shirt.

To wear as you sell copies on the streets of Paris. Get it from Society 6 for £21.

9. This striped top.

Get it from Monki for £12.

10. This bougie scarf.

Bought for you by your wealthy bourgoisie lover. Get it from Christian Lacroix for £155.

11. These Jules et Jim notebooks.

For writing down your cryptic yet strangely moving poetry. Get it from Manuche Postcards From for £14.41.

12. This shirt dress.

Perfect for a quick swimming session and attempts to seduce your husband's brother. Get it from Lipsy for £29.

13. This beret.

To be worn at a louche angle at all times. Get it from Village hats for £9.95.

14. This Jean Luc Godard fan club badge.

To iron onto your slouchy denim jacket. Get it from Sweet and Lovely for £9.17.

15. This pretty pink dress.

Demure enough that no one will suspect your frequent visits to the decadent, high class brothels of Paris. Get it from Asos for £32.

16. This vintage book.

To read mysteriously at a dimly-lit cafe. Get it from Franz66 for £43.36.

17. These high waisted jeans.

For when you put all your hair up in a beret and draw a moustache on with eyeliner for fun. Get them from Dr Denim for £50.

18. This Breathless poster.

Your finest work. Get it from Old Poster Shop for £20.

19. This statement headband.

Get it from Asos for £10.

20. This liquid eyeliner.

To frame your all-seeing, unreadable eyes. Get it from Eyeko for £16.

21. This button up midi skirt.

To rip open in reckless abandon as you dance hedonistically in a local bar. Get it from Asos for £25.50.

22. This "Jolie Laide" perfume.

Eau de Jeanne Moreau. Get it from Jolie Laide Perfume for £62.53.

23. This clip-in fringe.

Available in lots of colours and ready to be parted down the centre a la Bardot or blunt a la Anna Karina. Get it from Hershesons for £30.

24. This breton jumper.

Because are you really a French film heroine if you don't have a breton jumper? Get it from La Redoute for £39.

25. This pleated mini skirt.

So coquettish. Get it from La Redoute for £9.50.

26. These hair bumps.

For your bouffant. Get them from Ebay for £1.99.

27. This luxurious velvet scarf.

To tie around your bouffant as you carelessly crush a man's heart into the dust. Get it from Liberty for £195.