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    21 Things Everyone Must Eat In York

    Betty's is only the beginning.

    1. Brunch at The Perky Peacock.

    2. Plant-based tapas at El Piano.

    3. A pulled pork burger at Shambles Kitchen.

    4. Afternoon Tea at Little Bettys.

    5. A slice of homemade cake at Gatehouse Coffee.

    6. Gourmet pie at Puddin' & Pie.

    7. South Indian curry at Coconut Lagoon.

    8. Pizza at The Hop.

    9. A veggie burger at Goji.

    10. Pub grub at The House of Trembling Madness.

    11. Pierogi at Barbakan.

    12. Meat and cheese platter at Mannion & Co.

    13. Fish 'n' chips at The Sea Catcher.

    14. Pancakes at Brew & Brownie.

    15. Sausage rolls at Pig & Pastry.

    16. Beef Rendang at Evil Eye.

    17. A seasonal salad at Filmore & Union.

    18. Bulgogi at Oshibi.

    19. Gelato at Trinacria.

    20. Yorkshire puddings at The Star Inn The City.

    21. Treacle tart at The Blue Bicycle.