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    21 Things Everyone Must Eat In York

    Betty's is only the beginning.

    1. Brunch at The Perky Peacock.

    2. Plant-based tapas at El Piano.

    3. A pulled pork burger at Shambles Kitchen.

    4. Afternoon Tea at Little Bettys.

    Tony Bartholomew / Via Bettys

    Everyone knows Bettys of York, and their high quality teas, delectable little cakes and horrendous queues. But not many know Little Bettys, tucked away on Stonegate, that serves the same high-quality teas and cakes, minus the queues.

    5. A slice of homemade cake at Gatehouse Coffee.

    Facebook: gatehousecoffee / Via Facebook: gatehousecoffee

    Hidden in York's Roman walls, this caff is blimmin' brilliant. The cake and coffee is expertly made, the setting is like an old English library, and the prices will have you yelling praise be.

    6. Gourmet pie at Puddin' & Pie.

    Puddin' & Pie / Via

    You can't come to Yorkshire and not have a pie. Fact. And you won't find much better than this hearty fare, dished up with mashed potatoes, onion gravy and peas.

    7. South Indian curry at Coconut Lagoon.

    8. Pizza at The Hop.

    9. A veggie burger at Goji.

    10. Pub grub at The House of Trembling Madness.

    Facebook: The House Of Trembling Madness / Via Facebook: TremblingMadness

    Expertly hidden on Stonegate, one of York's busiest streets, this beer drinker's heaven is easy to miss. Tucked into a 12th century Norman house above an off-license, it has over 600 available brews that cover everything from niche Japanese ale to Belgian strawberry beer. Paired with solidly good steak & ale pies and sausage & mash, pub-lovers will never want to leave.

    11. Pierogi at Barbakan.

    12. Meat and cheese platter at Mannion & Co.

    Mannion and Co

    A deli shop overflowing with charcuterie, cheeses, rillettes, terrines, pates and home-baked breads. The only thing to do is grab a board, load up and devour it all in the glorious courtyard garden attached.

    13. Fish 'n' chips at The Sea Catcher.

    14. Pancakes at Brew & Brownie.

    Brew & Brownie / Via

    A slice of street-style in York, Brew & Brownie's mochas, macchiatos and PBJ sandwiches appear on brown paper menus and are eaten on distressed wooden counters. If you couldn't hear the Minster in the background, you'd think you were in deepest Shoreditch. The brownie may be this place's namesake, but it's the pancakes, dripping in maple syrup and topped with streaky bacon or blueberries, you need to order.

    15. Sausage rolls at Pig & Pastry.

    Twitter: Pig & Pastry / Via Twitter: @Thepigandpastry

    Opened by Julia and Steve Holding in 2008, the Pig & Pastry does delicious home-made treats on Bishopthorpe "Bishy" Road. Adored by locals, ingredients are sourced as close to home as possible, and the café's relaxed atmosphere makes stuffing an entire sausage roll in your mouth okay. Which is what you'll want to do once you've tried their flaky-pastry wrapped goodness.

    16. Beef Rendang at Evil Eye.

    17. A seasonal salad at Filmore & Union.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: FilmoreandUnion

    This healthy takeaway and café has blown up in the last few years, starting in Petergate and expanding to five branches. Not-exclusively vegetarian, you'll still want to try one of the vibrant salads, carnivore or not.

    18. Bulgogi at Oshibi.

    19. Gelato at Trinacria.

    20. Yorkshire puddings at The Star Inn The City.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: StarInnTheCity

    Andrew Pern's Star Inn is one of the North's most revered restaurants, and his pun-tastic York branch lives up to standards. Forget the fancy scallops and just order up a plate of Yorkshire puds. Pair them with a roast if you must, but honestly, they don't need it. They're that good.

    21. Treacle tart at The Blue Bicycle.

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