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    27 Terrariums That Will Restore Tranquility To Your Home

    So pretty. So relaxing.

    1. This mesmerising sphere.

    2. These blossoming wall pods.

    3. This Disney-inspired bauble.

    4. This calming desk-ornament.

    5. This portable terrarium necklace.

    6. These hanging teardrops of greenery.

    7. These clustered cacti-filled cubes.

    8. This aquatic perfection.

    9. This life-giving ball of purple.

    10. This DIY terrarium that comes with its own unicorn.

    By Tierra Sol Studio, £15.74

    11. This soothing scene.

    12. This minimalist beauty.

    13. This stunning glass house.

    14. This copper-accented cacti.

    15. This hanging orchid.

    16. These succulents in diamond holders.

    17. These simple but stunning wall decorations.

    18. This darling little drop.

    19. This terrarium for owl lovers.

    20. This gem-stone adorned setting.

    21. This ode to meadow flowers and spring.

    22. This seashell and sand sensation.

    23. These hanging baubles.

    24. This fairy garden in a box.

    25. This chic little planter.

    26. These pyramid frames.

    27. These updated lightbulbs.