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    17 Of The Best Slow Motion Videos You Will Ever See

    Everything's better in slo-mo.

    1. This athletic slow motion shot.

    2. This mesmerising dip.

    3. This stunning ink in water.

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    4. This stunning spiral.

    5. This slow motion sky dive.

    6. This rainbow flick.

    7. This fantastic high kick.

    8. This happy pup.

    9. These goosebump-inducing vibrations.

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    10. These flickering slo-mo flames.

    11. This lit AF lightbulb.

    12. These paint drops.

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    (Skip to 2:50)

    13. This expanding bread.

    14. This doggo having a refreshing drink.

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    15. This take off.

    16. This slo-mo chef.

    17. This hypnotising pour.

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