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    17 Mermaid Crowns That Will Unleash Your Inner Ariel

    Shrimply stunning.

    1. This *real* mermaid crown.

    I'm assuming they've been given it by Ariel herself. By Chelsea Flower Crowns, £88.04

    2. This apatite and eucalyptus bark beauty.

    By Loschy, £76.67

    3. This ornate headdress.

    4. This superior-in-all-ways headband.

    By Wild and Free Jewellry, £123.91

    5. This clear quartz crown.

    6. This pearl drop delight.

    By Regalia Design, £61.95

    7. This simple-yet-stunning band.

    8. This unreal crown.

    By Wild and Free Jewelry, £123.91

    9. This light-capturing tiara.

    10. This flotsam-filled finery.

    11. This exquisite pearly tiara.

    12. This shell-encrusted band.

    By Rouge Pony, £55

    13. This statement piece.

    14. This symphony of shells and pearls.

    By Sea Natural, £35.62

    15. This much-better-than-flower crown.

    16. This mother of pearl and mother of mermaids headband.

    By Misty Fern, £12.39

    17. This piece straight from under the sea.

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