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    11 Products People Swear By For Disney Princess Hair

    For added thickness, length and growth.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This strengthening and replenishing haircare duo.


    Promising review: Having had frizzy hair all my life, this product is amazing. It took about 4 to 6 weeks to see any difference, but well worth the wait. I can now dry my hair without having to use the straightners. And it has grown. I've bought it 4 times and will continue to do so. Two of my friends have now bought it, having seen the difference in my hair." – Caroline Easby

    Get them on Amazon, £24.50

    2. This detangling brush that helps prevent breakage and cares for long hair.


    Promising review: "I was recommended this brush by my hairdresser the last time I went when I asked her about my knotty hair. This brush has worked wonders by taking out any little knots whether my hair is dry or wet when I'm in a rush and it's gentle enough to not pull and stretch the hair causing fewer breakages than previous brushes." – Erelan

    Get it from Amazon, £7.15

    3. This pure castor oil that you can use on hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and skin.


    Promising review: "My hair has really grown fast after using this!" – Nelless

    Get it on Amazon, £14.56

    4. This year's supply of hair nourishing supplement.


    Promising review: "I've been bleaching my hair for nearly 7 years. Decided to go back to my natural hair colour but my hair just wouldn't "come back to life". It's been few years now since I have been struggling to get back my natural healthy long hair I once used to have. My hair is weak, was falling and wouldn't want to grow back as it used to. I've been taking Biotin for quite a while now and I can say that I have seen an improvement, it's definitely growing much faster now, I am really looking forward to continue taking the capsules on a daily basis, if my hair continues to grow at this fast pace and become stronger day by day, I will continue to use this product for the rest of my life." – Amalia

    Get it at Amazon, £16.49

    5. This therapeutic and detoxifying shampoo and conditioner set for sensitive scalps.


    Promising review: "Used this product for years - recommended by my hairdresser. Have fine dyed hair and this has strengthened my hair and stopped splitting ends. Has also thickened my hair as I have let it grow. Also don't need to wash my hair every day which means, although product expensive, this size last around 15 months." – Emma S.

    Get it on Amazon, £50

    6. This hair growth stimulating treatment.


    Promising review: "I've been using this product for the past two months, my hair has grown to just past my shoulders when two months ago it was a short bob. it leaves hair really soft and conditioned and i'm happy to reccommend this product to all my friends." – pamde

    Get it at Boots, £8.49

    7. This ultra intense thickening hair mask.


    Promising review: "This mask is literally one of the best things I've ever purchased. It's massive, blue and smells like heaven. It makes your hair looking super thick and shiny. My friend used it as well and she went wowza, she's ordering it for herself. The price - super cheap and you will be using it daily." – Fetysz

    Get it from Amazon, £6.99

    8. These delicious hair growing vitamins.


    Promising review: "Cut my crusted hair off 2 months ago and started with hairburst, and am now on my 3rd can. And my hair is growing so fast! Cut it 2 weeks ago, (about 3 cm), and it has already grown back again! Have ordered my second round and also recommended friends with short and broken hair! My hair is getting so thick and healthy :D did not think that it would actually work but i am so glad i gave it a chance, just be patient and don't give up after just 1 month, didn't notice a real difference in my hair growth until after my second month!" – Josefin

    Get it at Hairburst, £19.99

    9. This shampoo that works on horses and humans.


    Promising review: "Bought the shampoo and conditioner late in 2015. Bought one more bottle of conditioner since, still using the shampoo. Makes my fine, thin hair look healthier and a little fuller. I'm happy with it." – H.McCarthy

    Get it at Amazon, £4.99

    10. This silk pillowcase to help prevent breakage.


    Promising review: "Brilliant product, my hair is really easy in the morning rather than looking like a birds nest!" – Kathy Taylor

    Get it at Amazon, £9.29

    11. This hair bobble that won't tangle in your hair.


    Promising review: "Brilliant for not pulling your hair out, not leaving lines etc. I used these a LOT when I had long hair. You can use a couple spread up your ponytail to give a sort of plaited look. Just use like conventional bands etc. One tip - if they expand out of shape just warm them up. Either with a hairdryer or very hot water. They soon curl up into tight coils again. I have them in many colours." – Nerdy Nannie

    Get it at Amazon, £4.95