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    21 Places You Must Drink Bubble Tea Before You Die

    Sweet, delicious bubble tea.

    1. Biju Bubble Tea

    Facebook: bijububbletea

    Not all bubble tea was created equal: Some is made with fresh milk, others...not so much (*cough* powdered milk *cough*). With Biju, it's always the former, not the latter. Nicholas Phan, the man behind Biju, opened it with the express purpose of bringing high-quality bubble tea to the UK, made with delicious, organic, fresh British milk. The results are a beautifully creamy bubble tea that's worth every penny.

    Location: London

    2. Bubble Base

    Facebook: BubblebaseUK

    The first place to bring bubble tea to Wales, and still the best. My favourite thing about this place is the "specials": uniquely flavoured teas (guava tea! pear tea! papaya tea!) and uniquely flavoured pearls (yogurt boba! kiwi boba! cherry boba!) that change on a regular basis.

    Location: Cardiff

    3. Happy Lemon

    In my esteemed opinion, the best bubble tea in the UK will always be found in a Chinatown. It's where I, a mere Londoner, sipped my first sip of the frothy nectar as a teenager (shoutout to Cafe TPT and Old Town 97, two other great Chinatown bubble tea spots).

    Happy Lemon is a newcomer to the Chinatown scene, but have already made their mark. They've got appropriately wacky flavours on the menu (the rock salted cheese is surprisingly delicious), the packaging is adorable, and most importantly, the tea is actually brilliant.

    Location: Birmingham and London

    4. Tealith

    Facebook: tealith

    One of two bubble tea shops in Bournemouth, I think this one is the better of the two. The prices are good, the tapioca pearls suitably squidgy, and I like that they let you decide how sweet you want your drink, as well as how much ice you want in it.

    Location: Bournemouth

    5. Formosan Tea Bar

    6. Bubbleology

    Facebook: bubbleology

    The most famous of all the bubble tea chains in London, Bubbleology is now on pretty much every street corner in the city. These guys are definitely what helped turn bubble tea into a mainstream drink choice here in the UK.

    If you're new to bubble tea, it's an excellent gateway drug: The stores are bright and stylish, and the menu fun and easy to get to grips with.

    Location: London, Leeds, and Sheffield

    7. Milk Tea & Pearl

    Facebook: milkteapearluk

    According to these guys they're the best bubble tea in London. I can't say that for definite, but they're definitely up there. The flavours are extensive (there's 30 on the menu, I think), the staff friendly, and the tea high quality.

    Location: London

    8. Cupp

    Facebook: cuppteabar

    Only the freshest of fruit, loose-leaf tea, and milk make it into these sainted bubble teas: Cupp, I salute you, your classic milk tea is a thing of beauty.

    Location: Bristol

    9. Brew Box

    Facebook: brewboxbubbletea

    Go for the cool Shoreditch surrounds, stay for the delicious bubble tea – matcha and vanilla peach would be my recommendations.

    Plus, there's a half sugar and no sugar option: I'm over 25 now. Death looms ever closer. Probably time to at least attempt to cut back on my sugar intake, right?

    Location: London

    10. Ooshi

    11. Amanzi Tea

    Facebook: amanzitealondon

    If you are a tea lover in general, as well as a bubble tea lover, Amanzi is where you must go. Their bubble tea is great, but they also have EVERY FORM OF TEA YOU CAN IMAGINE. Regular tea, iced tea, tea cocktails. It's a tea lover's paradise.

    Location: London

    12. Chatime

    13. Mooboo

    Facebook: like.mooboo

    This place is just really fun. The flavours are extensive, and they're always getting new stuff in. I am very into their rose guanying tea and their fortune lychee tea (if anyone's tried the winter snow flavour please let me know if it's good, that's next on my list).

    Location: Glasgow, Birmingham, Coventry, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Hertfordshire, Newcastle, and Bradford

    14. Candy Cafe

    15. Boba Jam

    16. Bubble T Break

    17. Flavalanche

    18. ICFT

    19. Bubble Cha

    20. Tempo Tea Bar

    Facebook: TempoTeaBar

    I really like how the menu is set out at this place. You choose your size, your flavour and type (milk or fruit), your tea "bassline" (assam, redbush, chamomile, etc), whether you want it hot, cold, or "twisted", and then choose your toppings. You can also choose multiple flavours to create a blend, i.e. watermelon and vanilla, strawberry and coconut...etc.

    Location: Glasgow and Edinburgh

    21. Mee Cha