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    23 Places You Must Eat Sushi Before You Die

    Sushi is expensive, don't get ripped off.

    1. Japan Centre

    2. Maze


    Maze is part of the Gordon Ramsey group, who can usually be trusted to put out really good food. Maze is no exception, and does some bloody good sushi alongside the rest of its french-asian fusion small plates and incredible steaks.

    They also do Bottomless Sushi Sundays, which is exactly what it sounds like: £40 a head for all you can eat and drink across an hour and a half. I'm telling you this because I know you guys will be able to do justice to all-you-can-eat sushi. I believe in you.

    BTW If you want more bottomless "drunches" (I love this word so much), there's 17 of them here.

    Location: Mayfair

    3. Zaibatsu

    Facebook / Via Facebook: Zaibatsu

    Zaibatsu was one of the best things to come from my last relationship – my ex lived about a five minute walk away, and introduced me to this place. Even if you're not local, it is worth the journey to North Greenwich to eat here.

    It doesn't look like much (that's an understatement), but that's part of the charm. The food is cheap as chips, and just so tasty. I would advise skipping the mains and instead ordering small plates – specifically the sweet potato croquettes, the nasu goma and the salt and pepper squid – and a few of the bigger sushi rolls. Both the dragon roll and the volcano roll are amazing.

    Location: North Greenwich

    4. Eat Tokyo

    5. Atari-Ya

    Not only does this place have a chain of restaurants around London that serve classic, high quality sushi, they also supply high quality fish to the rest of London as a fishmonger (this also means they have some of the widest range of sushi toppings in the city). Because if you want fresh fish, you may as well go to the source right?

    Location: Ealing Common, Swiss Cottage, Golders Green, Oxford Circus

    6. Dozo

    7. Tetsu

    8. Dinings

    9. Yashin

    Yashin is just so stylish. It looks stylish and it tastes stylish. The restaurant itself is compact and tasteful, and so is the food (see what I did there?). Each sushi piece is done with its own unique flavouring (either a quick blast from a blow torch, or a delicate scoop of something delicious on top), and can be paired with the kaiseki style tapas on the menu.

    Location: South Kensington

    10. Shoryu

    11. So

    Facebook / Via Facebook: So

    So is a very decent, upper-end Japanese restaurant. The things they do best are rolls, tempura bento boxes, and the set lunch menu. It's pricey, yes, but not astronomical, as so many sushi restaurants can be.

    Location: Piccadilly Circus

    12. Yoshino

    13. Sake No Hana

    Facebook / Via Facebook: SakeNoHana

    Ok, first things first. Unless you are a kazillionaire, DO NOT eat a la carte here. It's eye-wateringly expensive.

    What you need to do is save up £47 for the Sushi Saturday menu. Yes, £47 on a single meal feels like a punch to the gut BUT you get a cocktail, a half bottle of fancy champagne, and SEVEN courses of food (including dessert). Like, three courses, a cocktail and a half bottle of champagne in London would usually come to way more than that. I think that's a pretty good deal for a swanky meal out in London with all the trimmings.

    14. Sasa Sushi

    15. Oka

    Facebook / Via Facebook: OkaRestaurant

    Please pair the sushi here with other food on the menu– it would be a crime to miss the karaage chicken. Sure, the restaurant isn't that ~authentic~, but they're not trying to be, and i'm cool with that – as long as the food tastes good right?

    Location: Kingly Court and Chelsea

    16. Chino Latino

    17. Sushi Waka

    18. Misato

    19. Chisou

    20. Yoobi

    Facebook / Via Facebook: loveyoobi

    London's first Temaki bar, Yoobi is fun and cheap and tasty. You'll find hand rolls starting from £3.20, and a whole host of interesting Brazilian twists on this classic Japanese food (don't ask me why, it tastes good, just go with it).

    Location: Soho

    21. Midori

    22. Roka

    Roka is by the same group as Zuma – Zuma is very famous and has no prices on its online menu, so I've just assumed I can't afford it. I've been to Roka a few times though, and while it *is* is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, I think it's worth it. The interiors are slick and sexy and I have inappropriate feelings about their crispy prawn and avocado roll.

    Location: Mayfair, Charlotte Street, Aldwych, Canary Wharf

    23. Chotto Matte

    Facebook / Via Facebook: ChottoMatteSoho

    Japanese Peruvian fusion. If you haven't tried this kind of fusion, you have not lived. Chotto Matte is the best Japanese Peruvian fusion you'll find in London (to me it's a better value Nobu. SORRY NOBU), and also one of the most surreal dining experiences ever. It's basically multiple floors of glamorous people doing glamorous things and loud music. Which normally I wouldn't like, but it turns out if you just keep feeding me good sushi I'll be happy.

    Location: Soho

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