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    17 Freckled Men Who Will Probably Make Your Ovaries Explode

    Do not click if you want unexploded ovaries.

    1. This bandana wearing cutie.

    2. This man with eyes that pierce straight to your soul.

    3. This curly-haired dude.

    4. This over-the-shoulder smolder.

    5. This gorgeous freckled guy.

    6. This freckled man with an intense AF gaze.

    7. This freckled lover who just wants a hug.

    8. This freckled hottie (bathtime edition™).

    9. This lil' cutie.

    10. This man who will write you a song that conveys his intense feelings for you via the medium of folk guitar.

    11. This very groomed man.

    12. This freckled hunk who will let you play peekaboo with his face, everyone's favourite game.

    13. This bespectacled intellectual, who definitely has some poetry he could read you. Maybe in his well thought-out study, or his local coffee shop.

    14. This freckled guy that's just so good looking, he's had to take a little lie down on the floor, while naked.

    15. This man that only needs three quarters of his face to make you weak at the knees.

    16. This fella who's laughing at your jokes because he fully believes that women are just as funny as men, if not more so.

    17. This guy who is hot when dry, but even hotter when wet.

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