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    17 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Breaking The Bank

    My love don't cost a thing.

    1. Get your book geek on.

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    Find a free library and spend the day sharing your favourite authors and poets. The British Library is a great spot, as is the hidden Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre. Signet Library in Edinburgh, and the Liverpool Central Library are both beautiful too.

    2. Go stargazing.

    There's nothing more romantic than looking at the stars with someone special... and even better, there's no price on the solar system. Read this handy guide to stargazing, and spend the evening marvelling at the cosmos.

    3. Create a love notes jar.

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    This is ~adorable~. You fill an old jar with handwritten compliments and notes about why you love the person you're gifting it to. Because feelings are worth so much more than jewellery or chocolates.

    4. Build a blanket fort.

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    No explanation needed. Tutorial here.

    5. Watch the sunset.

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    Cheesy but still so very romantic. Find a spot in a local park or somewhere up high, bring a blanket and a bottle of something, and watch the sun go to sleep.

    6. Make an at-home cinema.

    7. Play boardgames.

    8. Find a free exhibition.

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    There are loads of places you can absorb a little culture for free. If you're based in London, head to the National Gallery, the V&A, or the Natural History Museum. For a full list of free museums, check out this comprehensive guide.

    9. Have an indoors picnic.

    10. Spend the night gaming.

    11. Take a picturesque stroll.

    There are so many stunning parks and country walks to be found, and they don't cost a penny. Even in a big city like London there are loads (find 17 of the best here), so you have no excuse. Map out a picturesque walk in your local area for a lovely way to spend V-Day. Bonus points if it ends in a pub.

    12. Volunteer.

    13. Escape for the weekend.

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    Ok, this may still be quite pricey, but if you head to, there are LOADS of huge discounts on weekends away. See if you can scoop a bargain and head away for the weekend on the cheap. There's also a great guide here for trips for two for less than £100.

    If not, a sweet alternative is to print off pictures of whichever romantic destination you want, and turn your house into a foreign escape for the night.

    14. Make chocolates.

    various brennemans / Via Flickr: brenneman

    Making your own chocolates is actually surprisingly easy (I used to do this as a student for my then-boyfriend). My favourite recipes were peanut butter cups and chocolate truffles.

    15. Play strip poker.

    16. Bury a time capsule.

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    Write letters to your future selves, and talk about your hopes for the future then bury it to be dug up again in 10 years.

    17. Stay in bed.

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