18 Spiral Videos That Will Distract You For Two Minutes

    So hypnotising.

    1. This artistic swirl.

    2. These colorful pasta twists.

    3. This mesmerizing glaze.

    4. This expanding bread spiral.

    5. These pasta spirals.

    6. These perfectly swirled cake pops.

    7. This hypnotising pottery.

    8. This unreal chocolate spiral.

    9. This glitter swirl.

    10. These mesmerising icing roses.

    11. This lush pour.

    12. This fantastic icing design.

    13. This carpentry you won't be able to take your eyes off.

    14. This glass decorating.

    15. This hypnotizing glaze.

    16. This teeny tiny spiral.

    17. This swirl that will soothe you.

    18. These perfect lil pastas.