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    29 Reasons You Should Never Visit Marrakech

    Tagine isn't even the worst of it. (Warning: This post contains sarcasm.)

    1. Some people say Marrakech is beautiful.

    2. But unfortunately, they're wrong.

    3. There's absolutely nothing worth seeing there.

    4. It's all a bit monotonous and drab.

    5. Colourful? Marrakech? LIES. ALL LIES.

    6. They can't even keep their ponds tidy.

    7. The mountains are the opposite of breathtaking.

    8. Not majestic at all.

    9. It's bloody freezing up there too.

    10. And the city itself? Overcrowded and scary.

    11. Completely run down.

    12. Everything's the same colour.

    13. And it's even worse at night-time.

    14. They're all obsessed with putting fucking pools everywhere.

    15. You can't get away from the damn things.

    16. And some dick keeps graffiti-ing the walls.

    17. Inside the buildings it's just as bad.

    18. Every room's the same: plain and boring.

    19. And everywhere's always swarming with people.

    20. You'd think they could have made a bit more effort.

    21. The locals are completely unfriendly.

    22. There are no interesting markets.

    23. Nothing you'd actually *want* to buy.

    24. Shopping has never been so poorly done.

    25. The food is pretty gross too.

    26. It's not exactly what you'd call "fresh".

    27. Who even likes tagine anyway?

    28. In conclusion: avoid at all costs.

    29. Seriously. It's just not worth it.