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    22 Things You Need To Know About Diamonds

    But not why millennials aren't buying them.

    Diamonds. They're the most famous, most expensive, most sparkly gemstones in the world.

    But they're also pretty difficult to get your hands on.

    So we asked three jewellery experts for their tips on everything from buying diamonds on a budget to sourcing ethical stones:

    Before we get started, let's talk about terms.

    1. Imperfect and non-traditional diamonds are just as beautiful as perfect diamonds.

    2. The cut of the stone refers to how sparkly it is, but it can also refer to the shape.

    3. There are two kinds of coloured diamond; discoloured diamonds, which are cheaper, and rare "Fancy" diamonds.

    4. An "ethical" diamond should mean more than just "conflict-free".

    5. Beware Kimberley Process certificates – they're not proof a diamond is ethically sourced.

    6. Check your diamond is ethical in-store – NOT after you've bought it.

    7. There's no specific amount you *should* spend on a diamond.

    8. Check you're getting a good deal by doing price comparisons and looking at the detail.

    9. Diamonds are a great investment – diamond jewellery isn't.

    10. If you see a super-cheap diamond ring, it's definitely too good to be true.

    11. If you are on a budget though, there are lots of ways to cut costs.

    12. If you can't afford a diamond, it's OK to buy a fake.

    13. And if you don't care about your stone looking like a diamond, there are even more colourful alternatives.

    14. There are pros and cons to buying from big jewellery chains.

    15. When you buy from a big-name jeweller, you're also paying a premium for the brand name.

    16. If you're buying vintage jewellery, you should shop around before buying to get a feel for the craftsmanship.

    17. Shop at smaller, independent jewellers for a more personal service and a more competitive price.

    18. Diamonds are forever if you look after them – but it IS possible to crack or break one.

    19. When you're choosing the setting for your diamond, platinum will resist the most wear and tear.

    20. Get your diamonds insured, either by taking out a separate policy or including it on your pre-existing contents insurance.

    21. Look after your diamond jewellery by keeping it away from chemicals and cleaning it regularly.

    22. If your jewellery does break, don't worry! It should be fixable.