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17 London Veggie Burgers Sexy Enough To Turn A Meat Eater On

NSFW food porn for carnivores and herbivores alike.

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1. A Dig It at Patty & Bun

Instagram: @pattyandbun

This burger is proof that there's no reason to not be more adventurous with your portobello mushroom burger replacement. This one comes in fritter form, and is drenched in garlic butter before being stacked between layers of cheese, coleslaw, tarragon mayonnaise, and brioche.

2. A Shroom Burger at Shake Shack

Instagram: @snacksalldayeveryday

OK, before you tell me that you've had it up to here with burger joints trying to pass off a portobello mushroom as a burger, hear me out. This is SO MUCH MORE than just a sad portobello mushroom between two baps. They've taken the mushroom and deep-fried it with cheese, so it's been reborn as a cheesy, crunchy, mushroomy wonder burger. And it is glorious.

3. A Veggie Burger at Bleecker Street

Instagram: @bleeckerburger

I'm a little sceptical of tofu, but if there's one place you can trust to pull off a tofu burger, it's Bleecker Street. I strongly believe two things about tofu: 1) It needs to be deep-fried, and 2) the flavour of what it's cooked in needs to be bang on, because tofu literally tastes of nothing. This tofu burger ticks both those boxes.

It's crispy from the frier, and comes smothered in spicy, tangy buffalo sauce. It's the only tofu burger in the city worth having.

4. A Fritter Burger at Honest Burgers

Instagram: @honestburgers

Confession: I'm a meat eater. Cheeseburgers are my achilles heel. But I try my best to skip meat when I can, and I'm going to come out and say it – I think fritter burgers are better than meat. The crunch. The tangy flavours of veg and spices. It's a beautiful, guiltless symphony in my mouth.


5. A Big V at The Veggie Table

Instagram: @bigvlondon

Aside from their pun-tastic name, this veggie food joint also do some innovative, seriously tasty veggie burgers. Their halloumi burger and sweet potato burger both look great, but you should definitely start with the classic Big V before you work your way through the menu.

6. A Dirty Cop Out at Dirty Burger

Instagram: @dirtyburgerbcn

Dirty Burger isn't pulling any punches with a burger name like that. But the burger isn't a copout at all – they've actually done a really bloody good job of coming up with a meat-free burger that can match the rest of their menu. Their fat portobello mushroom burger comes loaded with pickles, smoked applewood cheese, and tarragon mayo.

8. A Smokey Burger at Arancini Brothers

Instagram: @arancinibrothers

It's deep-fried mushroom risotto in a bun. I honestly don't know what isn't to love about that.


9. A Bean Patty at Byron

Instagram: @byronhamburgers

If you desperately need a portobello mushroom burger, they have one on the menu, but it would be a crime to skip Byron's thick bean patty, served with lashing of garlicky aioli and their classic burger sauce.

10. A Koala Bear at Stokey Bears

Instagram: @annak989

American cheese, avocado, and spicy beans in a bun. Sign me up.

11. A Veggie Burger at Tommi's Burger Joint

Instagram: @chiarrabiata

Everything about this is the same as Tommi's delicious regular burger, from the fries to the cheese to the bun (with the exception of maybe an extra splash of chilli sauce). The only major difference is the veggie burger inside, which does a decent job of replacing the meat – the crunch on it is satisfying, and it's well-flavoured.

12. A Veggie Boom at Boom Burger

Instagram: @shara

Jamaican flavours in the heart of London. Not gonna lie to you, the jerk chicken and bacon jam–coated burgers here are GOOD. But so is the veggie option. With roasted sweet potato, chilli jam, and avocado salsa in a bun, it's sweet and salty and delicious.


13. A Potato Rosti Burger at Dip & Flip

Is there anything on this earth more beautiful than a perfectly done potato rosti? Crispy fried potato, dripping in cheese and egg yolk, sandwiched between two crunchy yet fluffy buns. Just get in my mouth already.

14. A Sweet Potato, Halloumi & Avocado Burger at The Advisory

Instagram: @advisoryhackney

Halloumi. Sweet potato. Avocado. Three things guaranteed to send shivers of anticipation down my spine. Yes, I have an inappropriate relationship with food. No, I feel no shame.

15. A Pleasured by Veg at Burger Craft

The name says it all really. The vegetable patty is done with garden veg and comes caramelised (ooh, fancy), with a thick slab of oozy mozzarella on top and a sweet crunch of beetroot on the bottom.

16. A Billy the Kid Burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Instagram: @gbkburgers

Colourful, juicy, and with a thoroughly satisfying crunch, GBK's veggie burger is genuinely better than a lot of the meatier options on the menu.

17. A Halloumi Mushroom Burger at Meat Mission

Facebook: MEATmission

Dead Hippie converts, I beseech you – try this burger. It is utterly brilliant. Oozy halloumi sandwiching piles of griddled mushrooms, topped with mounds of sauce and pickles. It's genuinely one of the best non-meat burgers I've tried.