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    17 London Veggie Burgers Sexy Enough To Turn A Meat Eater On

    NSFW food porn for carnivores and herbivores alike.

    1. A Dig It at Patty & Bun

    2. A Shroom Burger at Shake Shack

    3. A Veggie Burger at Bleecker Street

    4. A Fritter Burger at Honest Burgers

    5. A Big V at The Veggie Table

    6. A Dirty Cop Out at Dirty Burger

    7. A Polish Burger at Mildred's

    Facebook: mildredsrestaurant

    Another veggie haven in London, Mildred's Polish Burger is an interesting combo of beetroot, white bean and dill, served in a focaccia bun with pickled cabbage and gherkin.

    8. A Smokey Burger at Arancini Brothers

    9. A Bean Patty at Byron

    10. A Koala Bear at Stokey Bears

    11. A Veggie Burger at Tommi's Burger Joint

    12. A Veggie Boom at Boom Burger

    13. A Potato Rosti Burger at Dip & Flip

    Is there anything on this earth more beautiful than a perfectly done potato rosti? Crispy fried potato, dripping in cheese and egg yolk, sandwiched between two crunchy yet fluffy buns. Just get in my mouth already.

    14. A Sweet Potato, Halloumi & Avocado Burger at The Advisory

    15. A Pleasured by Veg at Burger Craft

    The name says it all really. The vegetable patty is done with garden veg and comes caramelised (ooh, fancy), with a thick slab of oozy mozzarella on top and a sweet crunch of beetroot on the bottom.

    16. A Billy the Kid Burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

    17. A Halloumi Mushroom Burger at Meat Mission

    Facebook: MEATmission

    Dead Hippie converts, I beseech you – try this burger. It is utterly brilliant. Oozy halloumi sandwiching piles of griddled mushrooms, topped with mounds of sauce and pickles. It's genuinely one of the best non-meat burgers I've tried.

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