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    27 Items Every City Dweller Needs

    London to New York.

    1. This skyline necklace.

    By Sketch a Design, £31.78.

    2. This Brit-tastic print.

    3. These New Yorker pouches.

    By SoKo Designs, £14.30.

    4. These architectural rubbers.

    5. This inspiring mug.

    By Foxy Mug, £11.92.

    6. This coordinated cushion.

    By Finch and Cotter, £30.19.

    7. This sunny side tote bag.

    By Vicinity Store, £10.98.

    8. This key to your city.

    9. This urban journal bandolier.

    By Clever Hands, £14.26.

    10. This cute sticky tape.

    11. This lovely button.

    12. This map-of-Tokyo scarf.

    13. This urban laptop decal.

    14. These city-dwelling bookmarks.

    15. This umbrella.

    16. This printed keyring.

    By Denny Dicks, £10.33.

    17. This Londoner wall clock.

    18. This Parisian ring.

    By Laonato, £10.33.

    19. This travel wish list.

    20. This customisable city sign.

    Choose your city and distance. By Larkin Handmade, £19.86.

    21. This perfect city circle.

    By Ellie's Button, £12.71.

    22. This striking wall sticker.

    By All Stickers, £20.41.

    23. This personalised subway art.

    Just choose your city and the places you want featured. By Step On It Art, £131.08.

    24. This must have phone case.

    By BoBoo Case, £7.94.

    25. These morse code bracelets.

    Choose which city you want. By Amelia Morse, £14.

    26. This Venice city shower curtain.

    27. This gorgeous wall decal.

    By New Point, £38.13.

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