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    31 Incredible Pictures Of Lipstick That Prove It’s A Damn Artform

    So much talent.

    1. This actual art-inspired lip.

    2. This two-toned art.

    3. This gem of a lip.

    4. This sparkling wonder.

    5. This glorious lip.

    6. This metallic beauty.

    7. Like, goddamn, just look at this.

    8. This perfection.

    9. This mesmerising work.

    10. This sunset scene.

    11. This flawless colour.

    12. This good-enough-to-eat art.

    13. This perfect ombre.

    14. This mineral lip.

    15. This perfection I have no words for.

    16. These sharp-as-knives edges.

    17. This technicolour masterpiece.

    18. This cosmic creation.

    19. Seriously, can you do this?

    20. I can't do this. I am not worthy.

    21. Pure. Artistry.

    22. Just look at this talent.

    23. Seriously?

    24. WE. ARE. NOT. WORTHY.

    25. This glossy, glittery dream.

    26. Tell me again how makeup isn't art?

    27. Yeah, that's what I thought.

    28. Goddamn.

    29. I need someone to come scrape me off the floor.

    30. I'm dead now. This slayed me. I'm no longer alive.

    31. RIP me.

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