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    23 Deeply Calming Items Every Anxious Person Needs

    Just breathe.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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    1. These dissolving thought-bubble notes.

    Write down your worries, then drop them into water and watch them dissolve away. By Motivational Tattoo, £5.49.

    2. This anxiety bracelet.

    Built with different semiprecious stones said to help with stress and anxiety, fiddling with the beads on this can also be relaxing. By Cheryl's Healing Gems, £23.13.

    3. This instructive picture.

    By Colour Moon, £5.89.

    4. This soothing roll-on.

    By Health Blends, £12.42.

    5. This stunning spinning mediation ring.

    6. This set of aromatherapy inhalers.

    One for every situation. By Mythic Mist, £9.11.

    7. This oat and vetiver bath powder.

    Peter Booth / Via

    Wash your worries away with this soothing milk bath. By Root and Flower, £20.

    8. This personalised anxiety stone.

    By Pebble Blessed, £7.99.

    9. This calming Howlite-stone bracelet.

    Howlite is said to bring calmness and relaxation, but spinning the beads on this bracelet can also be very soothing too. By In The Midst Jewelry, £9.93.

    10. This anti-anxiety tea.

    A mix of chamomile, lavender, rosehips, lemon balm, and more. By Because UR Priceless, £6.45.

    11. This simple reminder.

    By Livin Freely, £12.41.

    12. This home decor.

    For your oasis of calm. By My Charmers Market, £18.21.

    13. This meditation candle.

    14. This laptop decal.

    A reminder for both before you start work and after you finish. By Moon And Star Co, £4.14.

    15. These peaceful mugs.

    Preferably filled with calming chamomile tea. By Uniquely Eclectic, £15.

    16. This worry box.

    Get your worries out your head and into this worry box. By From Lucy, £9.95.

    17. This stress and insomnia-relieving tincture.

    18. This lovely little worry ring.

    More subtle than a stress ball. By Curious Owl Shop, £10.

    19. These soothing Dead Sea salts.

    For truly relaxing baths. By The Estate Yard, £18.

    20. This tiny temporary tattoo reminder.

    By Spirit Ink, £4.54.

    21. This relieving candle.

    The wooden wick in this creates a soft crackle that is intensely relaxing. By Wicks of Relief, £9.93.

    22. This mesmerising abalone slime.

    Stress ball 2.0. By Moon Slimes, £4.97.

    23. This calming chamomile and calendula balm.

    For anyone prone to anxiety-related eczema or itchiness *raises hand*. By Alucia Organics, £13.95.