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    19 Ways To Make A Next-Level Reading Nook

    Everybody needs a nook.

    This is Mara. Mara is the queen of reading nooks.

    1. You can't have too many cushions.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "Pillows are the ultimate accessory for a reading nook. They don’t just look amazing but also help you stay comfortable while you’re going through all those weird reading positions. Pick out pillows in all shapes and sizes, in all colours and fabrics, but keep in mind: the more the merrier and the weirder the shape, probably the more comfortable.

    My personal favourite options are pillows that have to do with reading or encourage me to read more - like this one from Bookworm Boutique"

    2. Pimp your bookshelves.

    3. Don't be scared of a little colour.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "The more colourful, the better. Your reading nook should be a reflection of your taste in books and stories, so why not add as many splashes of colour as possible? A good thing to do is go with either white or grey as a base and then add accessories and furniture that stand out from them.

    Your reading nook should be light for reading though, so if you do opt for a dark wall colour, be sure to add some bright accessories and lamps to make it more cosy."

    4. Fresh cut flowers are ~essential~.

    5. Follow others for inspiration.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "My top three bookstagram reading nooks would have to be from Adam who keeps it super simple but so very otherworldly, Allissa whose reading nook is probably the most gorgeous and ethereal place ever, and then Marlene who, like myself, enjoys colours and Funkos and so many gorgeous pillows.

    These three are a good selection of the spectrum of reading places you can find on bookstagram – simple, classic and colourful."

    6. Ask for peace and quiet when you need it.

    7. Pyjamas + sweaters = the ultimate nook-wear.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "Hands down I always wear pyjamas in my nook (if it’s the weekend) or sweatpants and an oversized sweater. One of the (many) pros of reading is that you get to go on adventures and don’t have to go outside to do it. I usually wear my Harry Potter house pride sweats and sweaters (ten points to Gryffindor!) and roll myself into a blanket on top."

    8. Hot drinks are a necessity.

    9. Keeps lots of genres close to hand.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "II always have a couple of books on my TBR (to be read) pile close at hand should a reading mood strike unexpectedly. So if I’m reading a fantasy YA, you would find a classic, a contemporary NA or a sci-fi children’s book close by, because sometimes you have to be in a certain mood for a certain genre or story.

    Always pick reading options in advance so you can switch easily. That way you don’t have to get up and look for an appropriate “next” read."

    10. Lighting is *so* important.

    11. Kindles are welcome.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "I firmly believe that the medium you enjoy a book in doesn’t really matter as long as you read and enjoy it. Hardcovers (or paperbacks for some people) are obviously beautiful and look gorgeous on a shelf, but they can also be expensive or unavailable depending on where you live.

    Because I commute a lot, eBooks and audiobooks are a big part of why I get to read so much. The content stays the same, and that's what counts. I mean what’s not to love about a little Kindle that lets you hold thousands of books in the palm of your hand?"

    12. Fragrance your nook appropriately.

    13. Collectibles are AWESOME.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "My Funko pop obsession has become quite a big part of my bookstagram feed ever since last year. I use them to decorate my shelves with and people love these little figurines just as much as I do. I got the big Groot Fabrikations at the Frankfurt book fair last year and started randomly snapping stories of him both on Instagram and Snapchat.

    Now I have a little Groot/Sadness family that guards my bookshelves from evil dust moats and dirt a la Guardians of the Bookshelf Galaxy. My obsession knows no end (and they’re just so damn cute!)"

    14. If you can get a duvet in the reading nook, do it.

    15. Try and keep your reading nook just for "you-time".

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "My reading nook also works as my binge-watch headquarters, but mostly it is reserved for quiet reading time. Whereas I watch a lot of films and TV shows with my family and friends, reading is something that I mostly do on my own, and I feel like it deserves a special place you can hide away in that is free of any connection to busy day-to-day life."

    16. Embrace DIY.

    17. Let your inner geek roam free.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "Display all your merchandise on your shelf instead of in boxes or drawers. Position them as eye catchers because they give your bookshelves character. Add action figures or anything you’re passionate about on top, in front or next to your books. Jewellery, bookmarks, mugs, you name it – use your shelves as a canvas for all your obsessions."

    18. Book merch is the best merch.

    19. A good nook can be a really calming space.

    Instagram: @bookmarauder

    "Reading isn’t just reading for me, it’s a lifestyle and a friend. Whenever I get overwhelmed with life or feel sad, I turn to books. To have a stress-free environment that is dedicated solely to literature helps calm me and sort things out. The moment I had my reading nook fitted, it became a sanctuary.

    It doesn’t matter how much money you're able to put into it, as long as it’s your sanctuary and your place to read in, it'll still be epic. A reading nook grows with you, so if you haven’t got it all sorted yet, don’t worry. You’ll get there."

    Goals for 2016: make a nook, read in the nook, live in the nook.

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