19 Ways To Make A Next-Level Reading Nook

    Everybody needs a nook.

    This is Mara. Mara is the queen of reading nooks.

    1. You can't have too many cushions.

    2. Pimp your bookshelves.

    3. Don't be scared of a little colour.

    4. Fresh cut flowers are ~essential~.

    5. Follow others for inspiration.

    6. Ask for peace and quiet when you need it.

    7. Pyjamas + sweaters = the ultimate nook-wear.

    8. Hot drinks are a necessity.

    9. Keeps lots of genres close to hand.

    10. Lighting is *so* important.

    11. Kindles are welcome.

    12. Fragrance your nook appropriately.

    13. Collectibles are AWESOME.

    14. If you can get a duvet in the reading nook, do it.

    15. Try and keep your reading nook just for "you-time".

    16. Embrace DIY.

    17. Let your inner geek roam free.

    18. Book merch is the best merch.

    19. A good nook can be a really calming space.

    Goals for 2016: make a nook, read in the nook, live in the nook.