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A Restaurant Inspired By The Twits Is Coming To London

Looks revolting, tastes delicious.

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It's being run by Les Enfants Terribles, an Olivier-award nominated theatre company, who do the best interactive theatre in the UK (IMO).

Facebook: lesenfantsterr

Their shows are full-scale, big-budget and always for a limited time only. That's a picture from last year's Enfants Terrible's production of Alice Adventures Underground – which was incredible BTW. I went three times.


Guests will arrive at the Windowless House to start their evening with cocktails from Mr Twit's Ghastly Garden.

Les Enfants Terrible

But there'll be no nasty nosey little children – the show is 16+, making it the first adaptation of one of Dahl's children’s titles specifically for adults. It's about damn time.

After a full feast of various canapes, bird pie and perilous pudding as well as entertainment from The Twits themselves, you have a chance to roam around the unbelievable venue.

Addie Chinn

The food is prepared by Bombas & Parr, makers of awe-inspiring culinary delights, and will make your toes curl – in horror when you look at it, then delight when you taste it.

You must also visit the Muggle-Wumps Downside Up Cocktail Cavern – a secret Twits-themed cocktail bar open from 6pm.

Les Enfants Terrible

Tickets for the show start from £76.50 for "Sunday Drunch", but non-ticket holders may sneak in here for a Terrible Shrinks cocktail or three if they'd like.

Tickets during the week start from £81.50 for Standard tickets, and £101.50 for Premium tickets, which includes an additional fizz cocktail, a box of Mr & Mrs Twits’ chocolates, a hot drink after supper in the Cocktail Cavern and a programme filled The Twits recipes (think Revolting Recipes).