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    18 Bars In Glasgow You Need To Visit

    The *real* drinking capital of Scotland.

    1. Kelvingrove Cafe

    2. Stravaigin

    Primarily a restaurant, this Glasgow joint is a triple threat: Full marks on drinks, food and ambiance.

    Heads up non-drinkers and on-the-wagon dry January-ers – the bar has one of the most enticing non-alcoholic selections I've ever seen. Turkish delight lemonade and white grape and madagascan vanilla soda, for less than the price of a coke in a London bar.

    Location here

    3. The Finnieston

    The Finnieston

    The Finnieston is my favourite kind of trendy drinking spot. It's the perfect blend of old and new; gorgeous exposed brick interiors and a gin-based cocktail menu that's up with the best of them, but with cosy lighting and comfy booths. Because this trend for putting your customers on the kind of benches and stools we had to sit on in school is bullshit and needs to be stopped.

    Go, order yourself some of their signature Scottish seafood, then start on G&Ts and don't stop until you're all the way down to a Corpse Reviver.

    Location here

    4. Ubiquitous Chip

    Ubiquitous Chip

    A Glasgow institution, you just can't come to the city and not visit this place. They do a fantastic brunch, and the food in general is stellar. They also have their heads screwed on right, as they know that, "intrinsic to good eating is good drinking". So, here you'll also find a solid wine list, a strong cocktail menu, and a "wee pub" – the smallest in Scotland to be exact.

    Location here

    5. Blythswood Square

    Graeme Milton

    If you are looking for the fanciest in fancy drinking, then my friends, look no further than Blythswood Square Hotel. Their bar is lush, and their cocktails served in the kind of glassware that will make you question if you aren't in fact a character in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

    Location here

    6. Chinaski's


    We all know Bukowski liked a drink. How fitting then, that there's a bar named after his alter-ego, with a whisky collection he'd have thoroughly approved of. And, may I add, it's far, far classier than any of the dingy LA dive bars the Bluebird writer used to knock about in.

    Location here

    7. Nice N Sleazy

    8. The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn

    The Tiki Bar

    It's a two-for-one bonanza. The Tiki Bar is in the basement, serving up all the tropical rum cocktails your heart desires. The Kitsch Inn is above it, serving up Thai food. What more could you want?!

    Location here

    9. Cafe Gandolfi

    Cafe Gandolfi

    Glasgow have got their bar scene nailed, in that most of the very good bars come attached to very good restaurants. At Gandolfi, forget bog standard bar snacks; their not-so-secret gem of a bar is up above their cafe, and serves all the food you'll find downstairs, which spoiler alert, is delicious.

    Order a round of martinis with a plate of smoked haddock and tiger prawn pasta on the side, and prepare to live your best life.

    Location here

    10. Allison Arms

    11. Distill


    I feel like calling a bar unpretentious in Glasgow is a moot point, because as a rule the whole city is the antithesis of pretentious. But Distill is just that. Unpretentious, reasonably priced and home to bar staff that know their stuff.

    They do all sorts of cocktails here, but it's the rum ones that stand out (hello Rum'n'Raisin Old Fashioned, you can come home with me *any* time).

    Location here

    12. Stereo

    13. Lebowski's

    14. The Old Hairdressers

    15. The Pot Still

    The Pot Still

    Beer is lovely and all. Really, I'm a big fan. But you know what's better? WHISKY. And this pub has the best whisky selection in town by a long shot. Nuff said.

    Location here

    16. Hillhead Bookclub

    Hillhead Bookclub

    £3 strawberry Mojitos, £2 gin/voka/rum of the week (plus mixer) and £2.50 Tennents Monday to Thursdays. Served in a bar that isn't finely coated in a mysterious sticky layer. In fact, it's pretty bloody decent – the decor is nicely bohemian, they have a ping pong table, a video game corner and the quirk factor is covered by cocktails served in gramaphones.

    I'm telling you, it's a different world up here.

    Location here

    17. Brel

    18. Flat 01

    Flat 0/1

    It's a house party. No, really. It's a house in Glasgow decked out in chintzy decor your granny would love, but with a bar and DJ deck set up in it. And bath tubs hanging from the ceiling for you to swing in. It's weird and wonderful and I don't know what further proof you need than this that Glasgow is a magical place.

    Location here

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