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    Posted on Apr 2, 2016

    27 Essential Items For Bonafide Fox Lovers

    Fantastically foxy.

    Sian Butcher / Buzzfeed

    1. This soothing wall tapestry.

    2. This simple and chic phone case.

    3. This dreamy clock.

    4. These teeny tiny necklaces.

    5. This darling mug.

    6. This bold bedding.

    7. This cheerful travel mug.

    8. This magical pouch.

    9. This sassy pin.

    10. This playful cushion.

    11. These crafty notebooks.

    12. This lovely locket.

    13. This stunning wall art.

    14. This seriously foxy scarf.

    15. This friendly-faced bowl.

    16. This fox-patterned pouffe.

    17. This beautiful lampshade.

    18. These cunning coasters.

    19. This fantastic mug.

    20. This mens grooming kit.

    21. These pretty hair slides.

    22. This Bowie-inspired tote.

    23. These dainty earrings.

    24. This essential pencil case.

    25. This framed alphabet print.

    26. This personalised water bottle.

    27. This dapper bowtie.

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