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    21 Essential Items For Petty People

    New phone case who dis?

    1. This side-eye-giving agenda.

    For writing down grudges you need to keep and people you're going to conveniently forget. By Kate Spade, £35.

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    2. This shady mug.

    By Sugar Luxe Shop, £14.01.

    3. This you AF message.

    4. This petty pin.

    5. This birthday card for frenemies.

    You know, the one who suggested a "really great anti-wrinkle cream" to you back in 2015. By Teddy Perkins, £2.95.

    6. The standard-upholding pencil case.

    No basic bics in your pencil case or in your life. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. By Rock On Ruby, £9.

    7. This phone case.

    8. These subtle soaps.

    For handing out to select people. By Kc Soaps N More, £5.86.

    9. This receipts-holding folder.

    Keep your evidence in style. By The Leather Collective, £89.35.

    10. This lovely jotter.

    To do: Make second Facebook account for stalking people you blocked. By Ohh Deer, £3.50.

    11. This emoji cushion.

    Your favourite emoji. By Cozy Quarter, £19.46.

    12. This notebook.

    To keep track of your white lies – you never know when you might need to repeal them. By Sloane Stationery, £15.

    13. This honest badge.

    14. This everlasting calendar.

    Because thats how long your grudge is gonna last. By Ohh Deer, £24.95.

    15. This sassy emoji ring.

    Flash this after you've dropped a "I just think it's funny how" bomb. By Rock N Rose, £26.

    16. This delightful mug.

    17. This tea time sign.

    Because you know when it's time to spill the tea. By Laugh N Gypsy, £11.68.

    18. This receipt holder.

    By Hruskaa, £52.94.

    19. This DGAF phone case.

    20. This perfectly petty card.

    By Black Lamb BK, £4.66.

    21. This diary that sums you up.

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