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    Literally Just 23 Incredible Tumblr Posts About Disney

    "Daddy I love him!" "Bitch you don't even know him."

    1. Realising the real Disney hottie.

    Move over Simba.

    2. When this amazing point was made.

    3. When Gaston was the hero we needed.

    4. This is so accurate.

    5. When your Moana addiction was summed up.

    6. We've all been there.

    7. This excellent Taylor Swift and Christina Perri mash up.

    8. This excellent sequel.

    9. This uncomfortable realisation.

    10. When you start looking at things differently.

    11. This moment.

    12. These suspicions.

    13. When you go in for a trim.

    14. Moana's Dad's logic.

    15. This new take on the classic song.

    16. This rewrite.

    17. When Belle fucked things up big time.

    18. When John Smith was WORKING it.

    19. When Mulan proved she was the best princess.

    20. This series of great Peter Pan jokes.

    21. This subtle dabbing.

    22. This question.

    23. When Ursula was basically you.