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    18 Airbnbs For Anyone Who Just Fucking Loves Books

    Libraries to make Belle green with envy.

    1. This decadent New Orleans mansion.

    2. This chic Edinburgh apartment.

    3. This magnificent Brittany castle.

    4. This 16th-century Dirleton abode.

    5. This Somerset art deco cinema.

    6. This pastoral Bellingham house.

    7. This library bedroom in London.

    8. This Scottish Lowlands bookshop.

    9. This bohemian German apartment.

    10. This gorgeous Sydney house.

    11. This stunning Cornwall castle.

    12. This grand Edinburgh apartment.

    13. This writers retreat in Blue Mountains, Australia.

    14. This house of books in London.

    15. This historic library in Vermont.

    16. This writers retreat in The Redwoods.

    17. This scenic Malta studio.

    18. This writer's home in Lisbon.