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    21 Ways To Live The Eurovision Dream

    Conchita would approve.

    1. Invest in an outrageous costume.

    2. Put all your alcohol on a flag.

    3. Try this Vegemite Dairy Milk mashup.

    4. Keep a mini-Conchita in your pocket.

    5. Slurp up some Jedward Noodles.

    6. Embrace the Eurovision merchandise.

    7. Churn some butter.

    8. Have a rousing Abba Singstar session.

    9. Euro-theme all your food.

    10. Crochet your own Conchita beard.

    11. Can't crochet? Grab some pens.

    12. Be enthusiastic about your headwear.

    13. Get turnt on flag shots.

    14. Construct Eurovision scoring cards.

    15. Bake Eurovision cupcakes.

    16. Knit Conchita finger puppets.

    17. Vent Your Terry Wogan Feelings.

    18. Do some Eurovision nail art.

    19. Decorate Everything.

    20. Make you own Lordi mask.

    21. Become Conchita.