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    19 Things Everyone Should Do After A Break-Up

    Step away from your ex's Twitter feed.

    1. Change your bedsheets.

    2. Hide your ex from all social feeds ASAP.

    3. Create a break-up playlist.

    4. Let yourself be sad.

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    Don't bottle up your emotions. Sadness, obsessing, and full-blown crying fits are all ways our brains deal with emotional upheaval, and pretending you're fine when you're not will have the same effect as a pressure cooker. Set times to let all your pent-up feelings loose, whether it's on your own with Celine Dion on full whack, or with your best friend after two bottles of wine.

    5. Go on an ex detox.

    6. Try out a new look you've always wanted to rock.

    7. Post a killer new profile pic.

    8. Ask a friend to hold on to your keepsakes and mementos.

    9. Get your heart rate up.

    10. Have some cat cuddles. / Via

    Animals help you heal emotionally. Fact. So it's totally necessary to borrow any and all pets in the immediate vicinity ASAP – in the interest of your emotional health, obviously.

    Don't go out and adopt a new animal to fill a void, though – take some time and make sure you know what you're ready to handle!

    11. Party with your BFFs.

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    There's nothing like putting on your sexiest clothes and heading out to a drunken, sweaty party for a head rush. You're single, you're free, and you can drink as much as you want and grind against whoever you want (within reason), without having to worry about your other half.

    Don't forget to take care of yourself, though. A night out is a great way to let off steam, but continually drowning your sorrows in booze isn't a good idea.

    12. Get your flirt on.

    13. Go on a trip.

    14. Don't be afraid to stay in.

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    Don't underestimate the power of a night watching Friends reruns and eating bucketloads of pizza. Nights out are great, but too much drinking, dancing, and inappropriately rubbing yourself on strangers can take its toll. Don't be afraid to tell your mates that tonight you'll be eating cheese on your couch, and they can either join you or leave you to it.

    Plus, the one major perk of being single? You have full control over all television, film, and takeout choices.

    15. Get outside of your comfort zone.

    16. Start reading an amazing book.

    17. Pour your heart out to your best friend.

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    Don't isolate yourself from your friends. If you're uncomfortable speaking about the break-up, pick just one trusted friend to talk it over with. You'll be surprised how much it helps. Your best friend is there for you no matter what, and can be an amazing source of support while you muddle through what you're feeling.

    Even if things don't get that emotional, it's worth letting them know either way what you need from them, be it space to chill or a crazy night out.

    18. Appreciate the positive things about your relationship.

    19. Forgive and forget.

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    Anger is a double-edged sword. As long as you bear someone a grudge, it will eat away at you, and stop you being truly happy. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean letting someone into your life again, or giving back trust that's been lost. It does mean letting go of your resentment and moving on with your life and hoping they move on with theirs too.

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