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    19 Men Who Will Ruin Short-Haired Guys For You

    Long, luscious locks.

    1. This so-hot-it's-illegal man bun.

    2. This pensive man bun.

    3. This shoulder-length-haired stunner.

    4. This laid-back man bun.

    5. This guy who has a drink ready to quench your thirst.

    6. This highly cultured man bun.

    7. This man whose glorious locks will not be hidden by a hat.

    8. This chiselled fella.

    9. This dude who is 1000% cooler than me.

    10. This Thor lookalike.

    11. This curly-haired god.

    12. This man holding a puppy. Dear lord.

    13. This fine AF man.

    14. This long-haired dreamboat.

    15. This bedroom eyed hunk.

    16. This guy casually rocking a flower crown.

    17. This guy giving his curls some much-needed R 'n' R.

    18. This tattooed gentleman.

    19. This man whose eyes stare straight into your soul.

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