10 Animals That Could Play Characters On "Homeland"

And yep, Dana’s still pretty much the worst.

1. Carrie Mathison


2. Saul Berenson

“So you’re a religious man and a torturer. What are you, Catholic?”

3. Nicholas Brody

“My name is Nicholas Brody…by the time you’ve watched this you’ll have read a lot of things about me, about what i’ve done.”

4. Dana Brody

“FUCK! This is leaking it’s disgusting! I AM SO SICK OF THIS! Why are you even here!?”

5. Chris Brody

“Hey Dad! Are you a spy now Dad!? Wanna play cards!?”

6. Jessica Brody

“Is it her again? Carrie, the nut?”

7. Mike Faber

“Dana, I told your mom you’d call her after dinner.”

8. Peter Quinn

“Crazy…that’s an interesting choice of words.”

9. David Estes

“You didn’t come here today expecting to get reinstated right?”

10. Abu Nazir

“Sometimes when you are breaking a man, an emotional transference takes place.”

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