9 TV And Movie Characters Who Simply Deserved Better

    Justice for the exploding bird from Shrek!

    9. Helen — Speed

    Helen wanting to just get off the bus.

    8. The Exploding Bird — Shrek

    Fiona sings to the blue bird and blows her up.

    7. Napoleon — Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

    Napoleon gets thrown out of the bowling alley.

    6. Baby Joe — You

    Young Joe looking longingly at his mother

    5. Sparky — WandaVision

    Sparky does tricks for his family.

    4. Henry — You

    Henry cries in Love's arms.

    3. Sophie — Halloweentown

    2. Manny — Ice Age

    Manny rolling his eyes

    1. Marv — Home Alone

    Marv looking scared