20 Best Moments From Gilmore Girls

Oy with the poodles already!

20. Luke pushing Jess into the lake

Frankly, Luke had shown a fair bit of restraint by not pushing Jess into a lake before this point.

19. Dean showing Rory the car he was building her

Admittedly, it went a bit downhill from here for Rory and Dean, but this was really sweet.

18. Bible Kiss Bible

Lane’s first kiss was utterly adorable, as was the message she sent Rory after.

17. Lorelai finding Sookie in her wedding dress

Sookie’s pre-wedding jitters resulted in her putting on her wedding dress and adjusting her wedding cake in the middle of the night.

16. I smell snow

So apparently Lorelai has the magical ability to smell snow. Each to their own.

15. The umbrella jump

There are two things that the word umbrella is a reminder of - the Rihanna song, and this scene. Kids, don’t try this at home.

14. Paris going speed dating

Who can forget the out-of-the-blue relationship that occurred thanks to Paris and Doyle speed-dating.

13. Liz and TJ’s wedding

This episode was brilliant for so many reasons. Liz and TJ’s vows were heartmelting, but the best part of the wedding was Luke and Lorelai dancing. “Luke can waltz!”

12. When Jackson proposed to Sookie

It’s a tough call which is better: Jackson proposing, or Sookie’s response. Both were awesome.

11. The Santa burger

Lorelai wanted festive food, so Luke gave her festive food.

10. A thousand yellow daisies

Max and Lorelai might not have worked out, but his proposal was pretty classy. Lorelai wanted there to be a thousand yellow daisies and so there were. He couldn’t get a horse though.

9. Luke’s ice rink

Yep, he got her an ice rink. He really is the sweetest.

8. Lorelai singing karaoke

Who knew she could sing?!

7. Lane’s purple hair

Her rebellion may have been brief, but somewhere out there is a picture proving that Lane once had purple hair.

6. Rory running from Jess

The scene where Rory runs away from Jess is pretty hilarious. He’s right though, they did look like idiots.

5. A film by Kirk

There are no words to describe how amazingly awful Kirk’s movie was.

4. Lorelai’s proposal

When finally Lorelai listened to her heart and asked Luke to marry her, she didn’t need a thousand yellow daisies.

3. Lorelai’s graduation

Lorelai’s graduation from business school may have been dampened by the fact that Rory wasn’t there, but it was still a hugely touching moment shared between Lorelai and her parents. And Raul the cameraman.

2. Rory’s graduation speech

Rory used her high school graduation speech to tell her mum that she was the person Rory wanted to be. Awwwww.

1. The end

If it had to end, then having Lorelai and Rory eating in Luke’s diner for the last time was the perfect conclusion.

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