10 Saddest Disney Moments

You thought Disney films were fun? Think again. Warning: there are definitely some spoilers here…

10. John Smith leaves - Pocahontas

Pocahontas and John Smith did not end up together. What’s up with that?!

9. Bambi’s mother gets shot - Bambi

Poor little Bambi all alone in the snow

8. Kerchak dies - Tarzan

Until this point, Kerchak and Tarzan hadn’t really been great mates. Why did Kerchak have to chose his dying moments to acknowedge Tarzan as his son?

7. Belle only realises she loves Beast when he dies - Beauty and the Beast

Ok, so it’s not the end for the Beast thanks to Belle confessing her love. Way to chose your moment, Belle

6. Leslie dies - Bridge to Terabithia

It’s not a Disney classic necessarily, but this film is pretty heart-breaking so it’s included here. Watching Josh Hutcherson cry about his dead friend is so so sad. Poor Josh

5. Anna is frozen - Frozen

Good job big sister Elsa was on hand to thaw Anna out, or that would have been yet another Disney death.

4. Widow Tweed abandons Tod the fox - The Fox and the Hound

A lot of this film is very sad, but watching Widow Tweed leave Tod in the woods is perhaps the worst part.

3. Opening scenes - Up

Why? Just why?

2. Andy moves on - Toy Story 3

For anyone who’s ever grown up, most of this film is sad. The incinerator scene is pretty horrific, when the toys realise all hope is lost, but the saddest scene has to be Andy moving on and giving his toys a new home.

1. Mufasa dies - The Lion King

Yep, you guessed it. There has never been a sadder moment in Disney - or any other film, for that matter - than Mufasa’s death. Pass the tissues, please.

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