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    Here's Everything We Know About Twice's New Reality Show, "Seize The Light"

    "Every day I look to our members and to our fans, ONCE, and I think to myself: 'this is why I am the member of Twice.'"

    Twice, one of the most popular K-Pop groups in the world, held a global livestream on Monday to discuss their new YouTube Original docuseries Twice: Seize The Light.

    JYP Entertainment

    The eight-part YouTube Original was partially filmed during the group's 2019 North American TWICELIGHTS tour, but also explores their trainee days and highlights their determination to get where they are today.

    If you have YouTube Premium, you can watch the entire Twice: Seize the Light series now. If not, a new episode of the series will be released every Wednesday beginning April 29.

    If you weren't able to tune in, don't worry! I've got you covered. Here are the nine most important moments from Twice's Seize the Light livestream that you need to know about.

    1. Dahyun wants to show the group's fans "the earnest and honest story" of their careers with Seize the Light.

    JYP Entertainment

    "Until now we were able to show our signature bright and great energy on stage. Through this documentary, we want to tell you more about the earnest and honest story," Dahyun shared. "Not only about the emotions we’ve gone through, or our improvement as artists, or the walk itself, but we want to relay the real and right emotions for the viewers to think, ‘I can do it too.'"

    She continued, "Ultimately, we want to talk about hope. We’re not saying that we achieved greatness, but it is our hope that even in times of difficulty, we’ll work through it together. And for trainees, who are walking on similar paths as we did, we want to share the message and support their endeavors as well. Every day might look similar, especially when you are training, but every day will add up to a better and improved self and even an improved future as well. I cheer you on your endeavors as well."

    2. According to Jeongyeon, Seize the Light will showcase "behind-the-scenes, backstage stories, and never-before-seen footage" of Twice's career from their trainee days until now.

    JYP Entertainment

    "First and foremost, we decided to include the preparation and the moments leading up to the world tour in our documentary because we want to showcase the best of us," Jeongyeon said. "It is also true that we are able to show all sides of the members. Through this documentary we’re going to reveal behind the scenes, backstage stories, and never-before-seen footage of trainee days, so we do look forward to the release."

    3. Nayeon revealed the happiest and most difficult moments to discuss in the series.

    JYP Entertainment

    "Through this YouTube Originals documentary, we were able to capture and see the moments of our [TWICELIGHTS tour]. Prior to our release, we actually got a chance to look at the episodes," Nayeon said. "I think if I had to choose a single moment when we’re the happiest, it’s when we [performed in front of] our fans, ONCE. Knowing and feeling that they are cheering for us is actually overwhelming."

    She continued: "Thinking about the darkest time, I would have to think about the pre-debut days as seen in the documentary. It was exhausting sometimes not just physically but mentally too. There were a lot of uncertainties about the future, unanswered questions, as you will be able to watch in the documentary. I think it was the most difficult when my body actually couldn’t keep up my mind and my will."

    4. While all excited to watch all of the episodes, Momo hopes that fans will be "delighted" to see the one centering on their American tour dates.

    JYP Entertainment

    "Normally we spend most of our time at the concert venue practicing, but this time we actually got to see and explore more cities — we went to the beach, we had great food together — so it was actually quite memorable," said Momo. "Because it'd been a while since last we got to hang out together on this scale, I think all members were happy and delighted. I hope ONCE would be delighted to see us enjoying our time as well."

    5. Chaeyoung called being able to contribute to the K-Pop genre as a member of Twice "an honor," and that the group looks forward to being "a part of its big journey."

    JYP Entertainment

    "First and foremost, we want to thank our global fans for the love that K-pop has received overall, and we feel it’s an honor to contribute just a little bit to the art that is known as K-pop," Chaeyoung said. "I like to believe that our efforts to continuously communicate with the fans like this through YouTube paid off. We’re convinced that K-pop will grow even further and it is our hope to be a part of its big journey."

    6. Jihyo and Dahyun shared the impact the North American dates of the group's TWICELIGHTS tour had on the group.

    JYP Entertainment

    "We’ve been on stage before in the United States, but it was our first time where the whole concert was dedicated to us and it was a big moment. We were overwhelmed, felt great, and we're very grateful at the end of the day," said Dahyun. "We wanted to communicate better with the fans, so we had prepared some English phrases and expressions, but we were so nervous that we were not sure if we did an adequate job; we’ll prepare even better next time."

    She continued: "Tours always leave us some regrets and thoughts that we could have done better and should have done better. We always attempt to change the choreography, the set list, and we’ve learned! It is indeed a learning process and for the next tour we’ll visit even more regions and connect with more ONCE in different parts of the world."

    Leader Jihyo added: "Looking back on the road we’ve traveled, we are so grateful for the love and support we received. During our debut, it was our dream to hold just a single concert and now we are immensely proud to complete even a world tour. And on top of that, making this YouTube documentary now, it feels like 2019 has been a big turning point for us."

    7. Jeongyeon and Sana shared their thoughts on being members of one of the most popular K-Pop groups, and what it means to them to be role models for teenagers around the world.

    JYP Entertainment

    "There's a big sense of responsibility when it comes to [receiving prestigious awards and titles]. Everyday we think to ourselves that we must deliver because of these wonderful fans and support," said Jeongyeon. "Each time I look at my members, I rely on them to act as a driving force that I can always lean on for support. Because we’re in this together, we do rely on each other, and power through."

    Sana added: "We want to say that we can’t believe that we are selected as teenagers’ role models in Japan and it is a great honor. To be someone’s role model comes together with a great sense of responsibility; I would like to promote a great kind of influence and become a better [member of] Twice."

    8. When speaking about their music, Tzuyu revealed that the group is interested in showing a more "mature, grown-up, and improved version" of Twice in the future.

    JYP Entertainment

    "I think all the members agree that we want to show a more mature side of Twice in regards to stage performances, music, and much more," said maknae Tzuyu. "In the world tour you would be able to see tweaked versions of our choreography, track arrangements, and new versions of familiar tracks for you. And we know that we’re not perfect but certainly want to showcase the more mature, grown up, improved version of Twice."

    9. The group ended the Q&A by sharing their 2020 goals for Twice, including the release date of their new single "MORE&MORE."

    JYP Entertainment

    "Because it has been 5 years since our debut, we would like to showcase better versions of ourselves of mature side. Not just through albums, concerts but also more contents," said Momo. "And we’re so glad that we can communicate with the global fans through Seize the Light and, of course, we are very excited for all of our members to showcase the best of our stories through this documentary."

    Twice capped off the livestream by announcing the release date for their upcoming album, June 1 at 6 p.m. KST, and the title of their comeback single, "MORE&MORE."

    If you have YouTube Premium, you can watch the entire season of Seize the Light now. If not, you can watch the first episode now and a new episode every Wednesday!

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