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    Blackpink Announces "Blackpink The Movie," And 5 More K-Pop Headlines You Need To Read

    🖤 Blackpink in your movie theater! 🖤

    1. Ahead of their fifth anniversary, Blackpink announces their "4+1 Project" and Blackpink The Movie.


    @BLACKPINK / Via Twitter: @BLACKPINK

    Get ready BLINKS, because Blackpink is coming to you... and your local movie theater! On Jun. 14, Blackpink unveiled their upcoming 4+1 Project which will commemorate the group's fifth anniversary and they're kicking it all off with the announcement of Blackpink The Movie.

    According to Soompi, Blackpink The Movie will be released in 100 countries around the world in August and will feature never before seen interviews, a retrospective look at the group's career over the last five years, and selected performances from their 2021 The Show concert and In Your Area world tour.

    Are you excited for Blackpink The Movie? We'll be sure to keep you updated on everything around the film and its release date as more information becomes available.

    2. Seventeen are ~ready to love~ in their latest music video!

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    Are you ~ready~ for more Seventeen? The group released their eighth mini-album, Your Choice, on Jun. 18. Not only is it Seventeen's first comeback in eight months since the release of 2020's Semicolon, but it also kickstarts the group's year-long 'Power of Love' project that will focus on the many different forms love takes on in one's life, from friendships to relationships.

    Speaking at a press conference in Seoul, Woozi explained that the album centers around the idea of exploring the many different types of love in a "more mature way" than the group has experimented with in the past. "[Your Choice] means that I love you, but I also respect your choices. That's a very mature message," he explained. "We will show a very sweet side of Seventeen [musically] as well as express our honest thoughts. Honesty is our profession!"

    That maturity and honesty takes center stage in the album's title track "Ready To Love," an electrifying summertime smash hit that centers around the moment you realize you're in love with a friend. "
‘Ready to Love’ is about feeling love for a friend — for a person that I thought was just a friend — and being ready to courageously confess my love," said DK. "It’s an energetic R&B pop song that feels very fresh. I hope you like it and listen to it a lot!”

    Through Your Choice and their continuing 'Power of Love' project, Seungwan believes that fans will discover "a new side" of Seventeen and their musicality. "With this new mini-album, Your Choice, what I realized during the production of the album is that we’ve shown you a lot of intense performances before. With this album you’ll also see a new side of us as well,” he shared. “We’ve given it so much thought and experimented a lot with new ideas [on the album], so I hope Carat can feel that. I’m sure you will."

    This week also saw the release of 24K's "Welcome to The Mainstreet," UP10TION's "Spin Off," BamBam's "RiBBon," ONEWE's "Rain To Be," Brave Girls' "Chi Mat Ba Ram," Yugyeom's "All Your Fault (Feat. Gray)," and WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN's "Back To You," so be sure to check those out too! 🎶

    3. Over 1.3 million viewers tuned in to watch BTS's Muster last weekend!

    4. Mamamoo's Wheein announced her departure from RBW Entertainment.

    5. The Boyz, AB6IX, Jessi, and more will perform at the K-Pop Superfest this weekend!

    This lineup for #KpopSuperfest! 💜 Secure your tickets! Streaming on @SessionsLive. We have two new acts. Get ready for woo!ah! and GWSN. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Heize will no longer be performing. 🎫:

    @JoyRuckusClub / Via Twitter: @JoyRuckusClub

    Created by the Joy Ruckus Club, K-Pop Superfest is a one-night online event featuring some of K-Pop's biggest stars that will be held on Jun. 19. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST) and goes all the way until 2 a.m. PST (5 a.m. EST), so get ready to dance until the break of dawn to some of your favorite songs!

    The event's star-studded lineup includes performances by Lovelyz, The Boyz, Woo!ah!, Rain, Bloo, AleXa, GWSN, DJ SODA, Cravity, Jessi, Momoland, AB6IX, Ailee, and Golden Child. In addition to the concert performances, which will be held at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, the Superfest will be hosted by AleXa and Kevin from The Boyz, so you know it's going to be a hilarious and unforgettable night.

    You can find out more information about the K-Pop Superfest, including artist performances times and how to purchase tickets and merchandise on the event's website here.

    6. And (G)I-DLE'S Soyeon, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Day6 (Even Of Day), and more have announced new music is on the way!

    JEON SOYEON 1st Mini Album [Windy] 🍔 2021.07.05 18:00 (KST) #전소연 #JEON_SOYEON #Windy

    @G_I_DLE / Via Twitter: @G_I_DLE

    * (G)I-DLE's Soyeon will release her first mini-album, titled Windy, on July 7!

    * According to Newsen, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon will release a new single in July.

    * Day6 (Even of Day) shared the promotional schedule and track list for their upcoming second mini-album, Right Through Me, which will be released on July 5.

    * DRIPPIN confirmed they will release their first single album, Free Pass, on Jun. 29!

    * At their muster, BTS confirmed that they will be releasing a CD version of their single "Butter" on July 9, the day the group's fandom, ARMY, was created.

    That's it for this week! Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to catch up on last week's news if you missed it! ✨