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The Scariest Flaming Fall Cocktail Tutorial. Ever.

Here's Too Drunk Topangas. They make cocktails, shots, desserts, crafts, and everything else you can think of with one MINOR difference than anything you've seen. They're super drunk.

Emily 5 years ago

Getting Lucky With Caprice Crane

After almost two years of waiting, the fourth novel by the incredibly quick witted and brilliant writer Caprice Crane, is out TODAY, July 26, 2011. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are one of the many in-the-know people on Twitter, you've surely heard of her. ‪‬Her writing style is that which resonates to people of any age (I'm speaking to my 28 going on 16 year-old self) or even fifty-somethings like my mother who, up until her first novel Stupid and Contagious, only believed in the works of Jane Austen. But like Austen, Crane has a way of keeping the reader invested in the characters because lets face it, we all like a little comedic, romantic drama as long as it's not happening to us. Read full review HERE!

Emily 8 years ago

E'ry Body Say.....WTF!

Quite possibly the most uncomfortable video I've ever watched. Don't believe me? Check for yourself or respond with your own.

Thomas Shaggy 8 years ago

The Girl With The Pearl Necklace

Want a REAL pearl necklace that has 0% chance of getting in your hair or in your eye?! Now you can buy one!

Emily 9 years ago

The Real Housewives of DELUSIONMENT

Danielle Staub ruined my breakfast by "singing" live on TV. Click the link to watch her "performance."

Emily 9 years ago

Maybe Pre-Vajazzling?!

Porn Star selling (yes, selling) her waxing strips. Ahhh Craigslist. You never disappoint.

Emily 9 years ago

Vajazzling is REAL

We all heard about Vajazzling, but here's how it's really done. Semi-NSFW!

theluxuryspot 10 years ago

Most Epic Facebook Profile?! EVER?!?!

Amazing e-mail? Check. Go Oboma?! Check. Carma is a bitch? Triple check. I went to HS with this girl and I am honestly NOT surprised. Just amazingly epic.

Emily 10 years ago

I Hope This Isn't For Real????

Meet Donny Papermaker. He made this song for Snooki from the Jersey Shore. I hope this helps people get over their withdrawl from seeing all the fist pumps. Jesus christ, this made me LOL

Emily 10 years ago

THAT'S Lil Kim?!?!?!

Lil Kim was spotted at Diddy's sons Sweet 16th looking like this. Double yooo twww efffff

Emily 10 years ago

OH Conan, You Sneaky, Sneaky Man

Oh Conan. I really hope that now you're gone, we still will be getting gems like this from you. We miss you!

Emily 10 years ago