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6 Fashionable Winter Looks For Bargain Shoppers

Tis the season for sales! High-fashion doesn't always have to come at a high price.

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1. Leather leggings & Booties

Tumblr Winter Fashion / Via Google

This is one of the most popular winter looks right now. Weather you prefer clunky boots like this model, or a more polished high-heeled boot, you can be sure you'll be right in style. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on this look, you can get Faux-Leather Leggings at Kohls for $19.99 and booties for as low as $24.99 also at Kohls.

2. Large Knit Hats

Knit Wool Jacket / Via Tumblr

We're seeing a lot of beanies and large knit hats this year. H&M has some super stylish winter hats starting at only $12.95. Excuse me while I run to the mall really quick...

3. Shawls & Capes

ABC / Via Google

Thanks to the beautiful Kerri Washington and her role as Olivia Pope on Scandal, the fashion world has gone crazy lately for capes, shawls, and if you're feeling especially gladiator-like, those fantastic long gloves too. Find this look at Lord & Taylor for under $100 or for as low as $30 at Forever 21

4. Big Scarves

Wheretogetit / Via Google

This isn't anything new, but it seems to be an all-time favorite of fashionistas every time winter comes around. JCPenny has some great sales going on right now, and over 180 scarves to choose from!

5. Coat-slinging

Crossroads Trading / Via Google

Or another term in the fashion world for "draping a coat over your shoulders." Why models like Miranda Kerr and celebrities like Kim Kardashian refuse to put their arms through their jackets, we cannot say. But what we do know is that it's seriously catching on. If you want to hop on the trend without breaking the bank, Macy's has peacoats on sale starting at $29.99 so pick the style you like and get to slingin'!

6. Riding Boots

Tumblr / Via Google

This one is probably my favorite, and anywhere you go this winter I guarantee you'll see a plethora of women stomping around in these. We may not be horseback riders, but they just make you feel like a boss, ya know? JustFab has a pretty much endless selection of tall boots, plus they're buy one get one free!

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