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25 Reasons Wine Is Definitely Your Soulmate

"If we're living in a world where pasta and alcohol are wrong, then I don't want to be right."

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We may be labeled as drunks and spinsters, but in reality we are just fun loving people who enjoy a nice glass (or ten) of God's gift to humanity: Wine.

NBC / Via Google

Even Jesus saw the value in it, remember the whole water to wine thing?

There are endless reasons why wine is our soulmate, but here is a measly 25 of them.

2. And classy as shit too. / Via Google

I now realize saying "classy" and "shit" in the same sentence may not be classy.... but it's okay because I have a glass of wine in hand. Class restored.

3. It actually tastes really good.

E! / Via Tumblr

And you feel mature for enjoying your merlot. All the youngins just don't get it with their vodka redbulls and shots of fireball.

23. Because WINE GIFT BASKETS. / Via Google

The elusive wine gift basket. We've heard of them, but we have never received one and cannot afford one. They are a mystery only rich people can uncover.

25. And hey, did we mention Tom Hiddleston (aka the world's favorite anti-hero Loki) loves it too?

HuffingtonPost / Via Google

The wine, the cheese, the god himself... too much perfection for one picture.

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