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    21 Reasons You Should Join The Wegmans Cult

    We're not crazy, we just really love Wegmans. And you should too!

    1. Because 6 dollar meals are a gift from broke-people heaven.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    1 entrée, 2 sides, only $6! And trust me — they're not playing around with their selections. My favorite entrée is the Chicken French. YUM!

    2. Because the bulk section is endless.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    One does not simply walk into Wegmans bulk section and walk out empty handed. If you leave with any less than 5 pounds of gummies, you're doing it wrong.

    3. Because the workers genuinely love working there.

    Gary Walts / Via Google

    4. Like, they really love it.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    What's going on here? We don't care, you work at Wegmans so we approve.

    5. Because Cheese Shop.

    Wegmans / Via Google


    6. Because it's like walking into a Better Homes & Gardens catalog every time.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Wow. Such lights. Much displays. So floors.

    7. Because beer.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Just give up now, other grocery stores, you gave it your all.

    8. Because there's a trail mix bar.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    NOM. NOM. NOM.

    9. And an Olive bar!

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Who does this?! Wegmans does this. Because Wegmans is a boss and it's got olives on deck. Is that an olive and feta cheese mixture I see? *dies*

    10. Because of the SUSHI.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    God, yes, the sushi.

    11. Because they make everything right there.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    In front of your face. Because as much as it seems like magical elves have stocked Wegmans to spread grocery joy to all, it's actually real people. Real, magical people.

    12. Because Wegmans is the closest you'll get to NYC pizza.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Hand over that thin-crusted golden goodness please. (OK. Now I'm getting hungry.)

    13. Because Wegmans brands are better than name brands.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    The only store brand I know that is cheaper and actually tastes better! From greek yogurt to spinach pasta, they have it all. Yes, Wegmans, yes.

    14. Because their Organic section is vast and surprisingly reasonable.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    You won't leave crying over your bank card like you do after leaving Whole Foods. Did you know Wegmans runs their OWN organic farm in upstate NY?

    15. Because everyone who's anyone knows they have the best subs.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Made on their bakery bread, and for just 8 dollars you can get 14 inches of greatness.

    16. Because their selection of craft beers will give you faith in humanity again.

    Wegmans / Via Google


    17. Because no matter what your diet, you can buy food there.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    18. Because free samples.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    "Employees distribute cheese samples from the humidity controlled open air cheese case" was literally the caption under this photo. What don't you have, Wegmans? And better question, where can I find a humidity controlled cheese case... ?

    19. Becaues it is basically a religion.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Here's the church, here's the steeple.

    20. Because they celebrate and support local talent.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Does your grocery store have concerts? I think not.

    21. And most importantly, because Alec Baldwin says so.

    NBC / Via

    Praise Wegmans! HALLELUJAH.

    Wegmans / Via Google

    Keep up the good work.

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