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16 Reasons You Should Never Live In A City

they're noisy, dirty, and crowded... what else do you need to know?

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1. Let's start with the fact that there is nothing beautiful about a bunch of buildings shoved together in a small space

diamondxdog / Via tumblr

2. It's horrendous, actually.



3. And the greenery?

londonalop / Via tumblr

4. There is NONE.

5. Do they even know what trees are in the city?? I think NOT!

Jeremy Woodhouse / Via Google


7. Oh the noise, noise, noise, NOISE!

8. And cities are not kid friendly.

Kevin C. Rose / Via Atlanta Photohut


10. The festivals are sub-par at best.

11. Lame.

12. And who could EVER live in a studio apartment?

cramped, ugly, no thanks.
diamondxdog / Via tumblr

cramped, ugly, no thanks.

13. The graffiti is an eye-sore.

14. Cities are the places dreams go to die.

fashioniiister / Via tumblr

15. Just so much failure all around you.

16. Moral of the story is, cities are the worst. NEVER live in one.

sexandthecity / Via E!

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