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13 Things That Haven't Happened Since Marijuana Was Legalized

Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana use. Other states have hopped on the medical marijuana bandwagon. Surprisingly, since then, the world is still intact.

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There has been a lot of concern in the past few years about what will happen in states that legalize marijuana. Now that we're all in 2014, a little older and wiser (debatable), let's see what things haven't happened because of now-legal Mary Jane.

3. People aren't smoking everywhere.

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Marijuana lovers aren't lining the streets, smoking their disgusting herbs in your face and giving you a contact-high at the bus stop as much as we originally thought. (damn)

5. The black market hasn't vanished.

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Don't worry, you can still get your unregulated mystery marijuana from that sketchy guy who stands on the corner. That regulated stuff just doesn't seem to give you the same hallucinations as.... wait...

6. Colorado didn't pay the price.

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Gov. Hickenlooper (try having that name) was quoted in 2012 saying, "I think our entire state will pay the price...Colorado is known for many great things — marijuana should not be one of them." He changed his tune later saying "While the rest of the country's economy is slowly picking back up, we're thriving here in Colorado."

7. Kids aren't smoking. / Via

Contrary to popular belief, if your child wanders off the playground into a marijuana business, they will not be able to purchase any. Although, to be fair, this kid has GOT to be high.

8. Marijuana related arrests didn't increase.

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Again, another thing that actually decreased, and now gives the police time to focus on real crimes. Who came up with these predictions? It's as if they had some sort of personal anti-marijuana agenda completely void of all facts...

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