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13 Things Only Receptionists Will Understand

*smiles on the outside* *slowly dies on the inside*

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1. When someone calls the office at literally 7:01 am.

gifsugar / Via tumblr

2. You're pretty sure you've replaced your blood supply with coffee.

comedycentral / Via tumblr

(it's the only thing that makes talking to SO MANY PEOPLE per day tolerable)

3. When the phone rings at the very moment you take a bite of food.

E! / Via kardashapedia - tumblr

4. So you start to eat tiny morsels like a rabbit.

gifsugar / Via tumblr

*angrily prepares for next phone call*

5. When you realize you're paid the least but you might be the only competent one in the office.

gifsugar / Via tumblr

6. When you answer the phone "good afternoon" but it's only 9am.

gifsugar / Via tumblr

7. When that one salesman who just won't give up walks in the door.

parksandrecedit - NBC / Via tumblr

8. When your desk is right under the only air conditioner.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via gifsugar - tumblr

9. Always being up on the office gossip

logotv / Via google

because apparently you're every passer-bys therapist

10. When customers are rude to you but you can't be rude back.

lolfactory / Via tumblr

11. Every time you have to lie to someone on the phone, you die a little inside

Warner Bros / Via hpfansblog -tumblr

12. When you've used up all your sick days and can't afford to take a day off

fox 2000 / Via bbritney - tumblr

13. And of course, when a coworker actually looks out for once and answers the phone.

lucasfilm / Via google

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