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13 Skymall Products You Never Knew You Needed

Too bad it's too late now.

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1. How could you live without it? The Sippy Wine Glass!

Skymall / Via Tumblr

Skymall politely reminds us this product is best used while "standing and noshing" ... I think I would just fill it with juice, give it to a child, and wait for the everyones reaction.

3. Have a pet? Make sure it never experiences nature again!

Skymall / Via Tumblr

With this completely normal looking jacket, you can be sure that the last bit of your dog's animal instinct and dignity will be gone forever.


6. One of a kind shirts, for one of a kind men.

Skymall / Via Tumblr

And for the cheap price of $130 you can have this excellent piece of clothing while simultaneously wondering what the hell you're doing with your life.


8. The Pierogi Ornament

Skymall / Via Tumblr

You, like anyone, probably have Polish friends you never know what to get for Christmas. Problem solved! (Disclaimer: Not food. For decoration purposes only.)

10. Um..... this?

Skymall - best & worst of skymall / Via Tumblr

For the rageaholic chef in all of us. Incredibly inconvenient as a tenderizer, but on the other hand, quite convenient for knocking a bitch out.

11. The Ultimate Energy Saver.

Skymall / Via Tumblr

Blonde lady is not amused. Her energy bill did not change for the better, and she is now about to murder her husband in the attic because of his poor purchase. Don't end up like husband in the attic.

13. And last but certainly not least, The Biggest Sports Chair Ever.

Skymall / Via Tumblr

At first I was sure this was a photoshop mishap, but after some research I have found that this is an actual product, just in case you needed a way to douche it up at the next sporting event you attend.

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