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    7 Reasons Being A Lonesome-Onesome Is Totally Fine

    Who needs a messy relationship when you have you?

    Yes, there are times when all you see on social media are friends getting engaged, married and having kids. And yes, it’s frustrating AF.

    Well, to all my fellow single people, here are some reasons why being a lonesome-onesome can be a pretty damn good thing:

    1. All the money in your bank account is yours

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    Your wallet is encouraging you to treat yourself.

    2. You buy the chocolate = You eat the chocolate

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    “Sharing is caring.” Pfft.

    3. You are in charge of the thermostat

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    Control over the temperature is a powerful thing.

    4. There is no time limit to your sacred showers

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    Also, you can use all the hot water. All of it.

    5. Travel anywhere, anytime

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    Across the ocean or just around the block; literally wherever and whenever you want.

    6. Sleep in peace

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    No loud snores or fights over who’s hogging all the bed covers.

    7. All the freedom

    Emi Tulett/BuzzFeed

    Fly free, fellow single people, because you have the whole world to yourself.

    Illustrations by Emi Tulett / BuzzFeed

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