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5 DIY Ways To Get Excited For The LEGO Movie

Kid, adult, it doesn't matter: LEGOs are awesome! Those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts are just dying to see The LEGO Movie, and we bet you are too. Check out our crafty ways to celebrate the movie's premiere!

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1. Re-Vamp Your Play Space

That plastic bin of LEGOs that only includes half of your collection (because the other half is strewn all over the floor) isn't going to cut it anymore. For around $50, you can transform an IKEA table into something organized and awesome.

2. Accessorize with DIY Nerd Jewelry

It's okay to wear your LEGO obsession on you sleeve...or in this case, on your arm. LEGO Friendship Bracelets are a super easy way to prove to everyone in the movie theatre just how much you love these colorful little blocks.

4. Create Some Sweet New Art Projects

You've probably been inspired to create incredible LEGO worlds from scratch, so why not put that creative energy to use in other ways? These DIY LEGO Storage Jars look just like the LEGO figurines we know and love, and they're practical, too!

Can't wait another minute? Watch The LEGO Movie trailer!

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